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A candle for the police to see the light

Sun 2011-Jul-17 @ +08 06:43:06 am

Activists in KL try a little tenderness…

Photo: Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism & Human Rights.

…in an exercise of utter futility

To the Malaysian police, an organisation built around bullying, contempt for the people that pay their salaries, and contempt for the law, soft gestures like this are for sissies. That’s why they call it a police force.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for change to happen among running dogs of power and wealth. That’s all they truly respect.

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  1. Sun 2011-Jul-17 @ +08 07:52:13 am 07:52

    Can the blind ever see even with the sun shinning ?
    This is with the quarter cooked police force especially led by a IGP who’s is totally blind.

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