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Malaysian anger goes online [video]

Sun 2011-Jul-17 @ +08 07:14:14 am

Al Jazeera says Internet activism a challenge to govt

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  1. 4RAKYAT permalink
    Sun 2011-Jul-17 @ +08 16:34:31 pm 16:34

    urban folks are pretty much up to date with the issues. they will vote against oppression. from the video, there are lots of ‘peters’ around kl and major cities in malaysia. they are the ones who will help seal the fate of the oppressive regime. unshakeable faith, in other words.

    there is no need to glorify that much these groups of people. we are with u. nomatterwhat.

    umno’s strength lies only in the kampung areas (ignorant voters). go to them. get to know them. speak and write more in bahasa malaysia. golongan tertindas ini tak erti bahasa orang putih.

    jangan asyik high-fiving each other. patting each other’s back. syok sendiri. the key to meaningful change lies in the kampung. they are voters, too.

    once u have succeeded in opening up their eyes and their hearts, the oppressive regime will COLLAPSE. it is almost a reflex. it is really that easy. but it is heart work.

    in the kampungs, u have to ‘lower’ yourselves into their level and talk in the national language. most of us here can only barely manage two or three bahasa phrases like ‘apa khabar bang? dah makan?’ and nothing more. and u call yourselves malaysians? please lah.

    and how many of you are even registered as voters? and you think u can change the world? just by tapping away anonymously behind your pc screen?

    have u contributed a single sen to any friendly ngos or political parties fighting for you and your loved ones? of u have barely enough for the evening’s beer session?

    all i can say is good luck to you all. i hope you get the oppressive regime’s 5-star treatment for another 50 years. for those who have saved up enough, they can leave for another country. for the rest of you, please enjoy the oppression of the next 50 years and beyond.

    ge13 will be the last meaningful general election. dont even think og ge14. there will be no (meaningful) ge14.

    it is now or never.


  2. 4RAKYAT permalink
    Sun 2011-Jul-17 @ +08 16:41:31 pm 16:41

    i though i’d explain myself here. when i said to ‘lower’ ourselves to ‘their’ level, i meant that most of us urban folks do not quite see the kampong folks as equal malaysians. we are ‘clean’ and ‘civilised’; while they are not. they are ‘dirty’ and they are not the ‘starbucks’ kaki. they run around in their underwears and sarongs.

    but they are malaysians too, lest some of you forget that. and they are ignorant voters. and they are afraid of us too. they dont know us. we have never ever made the effort to get to know them. we are always in one air-con place to another. we are always in pappa rich or starbucks.

    we are different from them. are we, really? we are busy with our kids’ ballet and tuition. we have no time for these kampong folks. we rather let the politicians or the ngos deal with them. but we forget these activities need funds. but we are too tight this month. there’s this latest camry model or other toys that we ‘need’. we really could not spare another ringgit or two. a pack of ciggies cost rm10. where do i have another ringgit to spare?

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