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Murdochs in the dock: ‘Most humble day of my life’

Tue 2011-Jul-19 @ +08 22:17:29 pm

It’s the most humble day of my life

News of the World (failed)
News International (desperate not to fail)

Rupert Murdoch and his son James are facing an inquiry in the House of Commons on the phone hacking scandal, which has already cost one life, that of a News of the World whistleblower who was found dead yesterday. In a formal statement before forensic questioning began, James Murdoch makes an apology to the victims of the phone-hacking: “This is a matter of great regret, these actions do not live up to our standards, will make sure this does not happen again”. His father Rupert had said earlier: “I would just like to say one sentence. This is the most humble day of my life.”

Al Jazeera photo

Live reporting on the House of Commons inquiry

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  1. Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 09:10:54 am 09:10

    At least he apologized ! Will that ever happen in Malaysia ?

  2. Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 09:19:44 am 09:19

    The present regime will never admit what has happened and will keep saying Utsan’s view is their that of the government and do not reflect that of the government. What Najib conveniently did not tell the world that Utusan is owned by Umno and is never punishment or even apologize for any of their numerous one sided expressions especially their seditious views. Any other media would not only be warned but would have been banned long time ago.

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