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The police farce in a nation of thieves

Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 03:28:16 am


from “Tuan Abu Bakar bin Tuan Abu Khalid”
by email

The Role and Function of the Police Force in a Kleptocracy

Kleptocracy is a government of thieves, by thieves and for thieves. The ruling elite in a kleptocracy governs only to extend its personal wealth and political power by stealing from the state’s coffers.

The major characteristics of a kleptocracy are rampant corruption, rent-seeking activities, money-laundering and abuses of human rights.

Since a kleptocracy benefits only a small section of the population at the expense of the wider population, the modus operandi of the kleptocracy to stay in power is to divide the population along tribal, racial or religious lines.

Contemporary kleptocracies often maintain a facade of democracy to camouflage their kleptocratic tendencies. A kleptocracy may have a state constitution, though it is regularly abused to suit the whims and fancies of the ruling elite. Regular elections are also held to enforce the notion of a democratic state. The elections are rigged and manipulated to provide legitimacy to the kleptocracy.

Government agencies such as the judicial system, the civil service, the legislative body, the security forces and even the church act as apparatchik of the kleptocracy. The officials holding key positions are rewarded by having a share of the loot.

True to the maxim, power comes from the barrel of the gun, the police force is an integral member of the kleptocracy. The primary role of the police force is to provide security and well-being of the kleptocracy.

A kleptocracy, being an unjust system of government, brooks no dissent or opposition. It is the function of the police force to provide surveillance of any form of dissent. Threats to the well-being of the kleptocracy are eliminated by using ad-hoc laws and regulations or extra-judicial means. Any gathering to express opposition to the kleptocracy is brutally dispersed. However, staged-demonstrations to support the kleptocracy are allowed and protected by the police force.

The leadership of the police force is made up of intellectually-deficient officers. This is is to ensure blind loyalty and total obedience to the ruling elite since they do not have the mental capacity to evaluate the morality or immorality of their actions. Conditioned as the dogs in Pavlov’s experiments, they are only motivated by the base instincts of greed and lust.

The rank-and-file of the police force is recruited from the bottom of the barrel; those who are not readily-employable in other sectors of the economy. Giddy by the minuscule power derived by being in the force and given tacit license to engage in petty criminal activities, the rank-and-file is committed to the preservation of the status quo.

History has shown that the downfall of kleptocracies are directly attributable to the collapse or defection of the police force. Without the police force, a kleptocracy is but a paper tiger.

The finality of the Shah of Iran’s regime was not portrayed by the photo of the Shah fleeing Iran but by a photo of six dead, naked generals of the SAVAK lying on the damp concrete floor of a morgue in Teheran.

The Shah, Khomeini, the CIA and SAVAK

  1. Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 08:50:28 am 08:50

    WHEN TO FLOOR A LAW? 200711

    Any law immediately becomes flawed
    When innocent ones are simply clawed
    with unjust blood to openly draw
    Led by cruel dictators of straw

    (c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Wed. 20th Jul. 2011.

  2. Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 09:07:56 am 09:07

    I have always maintained that the quarter cooked police is a branch of the deceitful and corrupted Umno and are therefore just as deceitful and corrupted.
    Everyone in the country and those who have been to Malaysia know and also have experienced that and that is why they are so short of skillful professionals and are out all over the world pleading to the skillful professionals who are 99% non Malays, who had immigrated to return to serve in Malaysia with all kind of incentives and added incentives for years now.
    To begin with the very top positions were and are still occupied by only Malays even though the Malays are only 60% (according to shenanigan Mahathir manipulated figures) of the country population not because they are the best but it is simply because of their complexion and their political dominance by deceit. The real facts are their political dominance that led to all these imbalances will shortly be over if the struggle to have a fair and clean elections are achieved if a fair and clean election is allowed.

    NO doubt these racist attitudes apply in all the civil services in Malaysia while the rest of the 4% in the civil services are occupied by skillful non Malays because Umno is unable to find their skills amongst the Malays. They would like very much to have them filled up with 100% Malays, is like looking for lions that roar amongst the cats !
    Now you know why the civil servants are known as bumps and morons and above all the reasons why the Malaysian civil service has the highest ratio of employment in this part of the region or even in the world. Otherwise the famous lazy and corrupted civil servants would be jobless and as a result this lead them to falsely believe they are there to do Umno a big favor and not to work thus one of the reasons for their famous laziness and corruption.
    I am sure all Malaysians will continue to go to any government department and see and experience for yourself these. I am beginning to wonder has all these got anything to do with their religion ?
    Let me advocate just let them rot and decay until the country goes bankrupt like the greek shortly !

  3. Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 17:51:06 pm 17:51

    All the police top leadership are malays. From the country’s population of 60% malays, only the stupid or average malays join the police force. Just look at the calibre of the IGP( what’s his name), his deputy Khalid, and the CID chief Bakri and that idiot in charge of the Bersih crackdown. They are mentally sick. That is the reason they arrest people who just wear yellow T-shirts with or without the bersih logo. Only mentally deficient people are capable of such doing.

  4. charlie chan permalink
    Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 22:19:44 pm 22:19

    how do you defined thieves n robbers? look at the billion dollar PKFZ scandal / these are no ordinary thieves or robbers. they are ex top political leaders, Look at the 50 billion dollar worth of shares allocated to poor bumiputras but were hijacked by top cronies. how do u describe such people? PLUNDERERS, SHARKS, CROCODILES or biggest CROOKS. your guess is required?

  5. azmin permalink
    Thu 2011-Jul-21 @ +08 08:36:36 am 08:36

    I refer to La who commented on Wednesday 20 Jul 2011 MYT 17:51:06 17:51
    Calling names and hyperventilating here do not help matters. At best it allows us to ‘let off steam’ but at worst it alienates people whom we could ill afford to alienate. No group of people is uniformly so. Generalizations are often inept, untrue or a caricatures of the truth. And, La, we should stop categorizing a group of people as ‘stupid’.
    We have very intelligent people in the police force, and in our army, if I may add. Many are well-meaning and dedicated to their duty to the people and country. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the tough training to become a member of any uniformed group entails discipline. We don’t want an undisciplined force do we? Discipline entails obeying orders. Any army officer will know that oftentimes what he perceives as best might not necessary be so. Who knows what tactics and what strategy the higher ups with an overall view may have? The success of Iskandar the Great is wholly due to the trust of his armies in him. How many times had he given seemingly stupid orders which later turned out to be tactically brilliant?
    If there is failure, the fault lies with our leaders, if you can even call them that now. In martial parlance those giving the orders have to be obeyed. La, ever heard of court-martial? La, ever heard of “Into the Valley of Death, Rode the Six Hundred”? It was in Tennyson’s account of the tragedy at Balaclava when 278 British soldiers needlessly died.
    Coming back to July 9th, where does the blame rest? It is so difficult to eradicate over 50 years of arrogance, foolhardiness and kleptomania….. but eradicate it we must…. for the good of our Tanahair that we love and are willing to give up our lives for.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Thu 2011-Jul-21 @ +08 10:01:00 am 10:01

      Eradicating arrogance and kleptmania also applies to the police and military, and other uniformed forces. The police force is a farce. The military is already halfway there. Are there truly any good men left in the police or the military? Do the citizens see any sign of them? Will they live up to their conscience and protect the citizens of this country as they are sworn to do? When one policeman kicks an unarmed citizen sitting on a road peacefully carrying out an act of civil disobedience for his political rights, the entire police force must take the blame, because the general populace believes that policeman will be protected, and that culture will be protected. When one general says the military must come to the aid of the police, the entire military establishment must take the blame. Will the real guardians of the law stand up? Will the real protectors of Malaysia’s sovereignty stand up? Where are they? Pfft.

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