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Samad Said’s utter contempt for the govt

Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 16:16:36 pm

I have never been so contemptous of govt

condensed from Harakah Daily

Poet and author A Samad Said says he had never felt so much contempt for the present government as he does now. “Never before I felt so disgusted at the government,” Samad told the audience at a Yellow Saturday campaign at the PAS centre in Taman Melewas, Gombak, KL last weekend.

Pak Samad, a national literary laureate, used the word bengis (fiercesome) to describe how police handled the peaceful Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9: this had led to Malaysians condemnation of the Barisan Nasional and of police brutality.

He criticised UMNO leaders for defending the police action. “Their words have hurt Malaysians deeply and I believe UMNO-BN will be buried in the 13th general election,” he said.

The ‘Yellow Saturday’ campaign is among a series of programmes by PAS to maintain public momentum for Bersih. A similar campaign by PAS Youth, called “Ramadan the Clean Month”, will feature information sessions and road shows to explain the importance of fair elections.

Pak Samad said he had attempted to present the Bersih 2.0 memorandum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at Istana Negara, which was heavily fortified by the police to prevent the memorandum from being delivered.

“I waited whole day from morning to deliver the memorandum on behalf of the people, until I was stopped by police about 300 metres away from the palace in the afternoon.

“My eyes were hurting from the tear gas. When I was approached by (the police and FRU), it was as if they had wanted to devour me,” he said.

Pak Samad said he had lost his sandals in the fracas that ensued after police attacked protesters with tear gas. “Not only my sandals, but also my other stuff such as salt, small towel and mineral water which I had brought.” He gave up his ‘first aid’ kit to other protesters affected by tear gas.

“I was walking bare-footed for miles. Then, a few youngsters spotted me and one of them offered his Nike shoes, but I declined thinking the pair was just too nice. Later, another young man gave me a pair of slippers. I accepted the offer as there was a long walk ahead and many more challenges before we could deliver the memorandum to the Agong. It was bitter and I will never forget it,” he added.

He was touched by the unity shown by the youngsters of different backgrounds. “It was very encouraging. I reminded repeatedly to the young generation that they must be committed and work together to change the country at the 13th general election for the sake of our children.”
Harakah Daily

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  1. nstman permalink
    Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 17:31:43 pm 17:31

    I share Samad’s sentiment. I hate this bunch of clowns with visceral loathing.

  2. Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 17:43:54 pm 17:43

    I think Samad Said is wrong to hate the government. He should show his despise and utter contempt at Umno and its leaders and also the Umno Police. The government of Malaysia belongs to all malaysians. It is only Umno who doesn’t know how to differentiate between government and their party Umno. To Umno leaders, the malaysian governmeent is Umno, and that is why they abuse government apparatus for their benefit and interest.
    Pak Samad should not make the same mistake as the corrupt Umno leaders of thinking the malaysian government is Umno/BN. The police are stupid and police top brass are mentally deficient. That is why they just obeyed what Umno leaders tell them to do and in the process break all international laws and convention in dealing with peaceful protesters..

    We should all despise and kicked out Umno/Bn from leading the government of Malaysia and put in place some responsible people in the malaysian cabinet.

  3. Wed 2011-Jul-20 @ +08 18:51:05 pm 18:51

    Enough is enough !

    There is nothing more to add about the deceitful and corrupted morons from Umno ! In fact 53 years of deceit is more than enough just remember to vote them out of their gravy train.
    Najib is now so desperate that he is running to the Queen and the Pope for help.
    What is it that a Ketunan Melayu won’t do hoping to remain in office but at the least he will be remembered as the last Umno President as the P.M. ! Sorry even your father cannot help or save you.
    What a bloody shamble !

  4. Sam01 permalink
    Thu 2011-Jul-21 @ +08 10:43:15 am 10:43

    UMNO is the government. Let’s not split hairs.

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