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Closing down sales begin at Borders

Sat 2011-Jul-23 @ +08 20:22:29 pm

Digital books proved to be the final frontier for Borders

Borders bookshops across the United States, 399 of them, began liquidation sales on Friday as the pioneer book superstore chain announced its closure after 40 years in business. It is a victim of the Internet, particularly of the booming business in digital books and electronic book readers, falling too far behind Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook to compete. Borders’ boss Mike Edwards also blamed a changing book industry and an overall bad economy, adding, “We put up a great fight, but regrettably, in the end, we weren’t able to overcome these external forces.”

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  1. Sat 2011-Jul-23 @ +08 21:52:33 pm 21:52

    A case study of how disruptive technologies (i.e. eBooks, in this case) eventually cause existing technologies to be supplanted… it’s happened elsewhere before, and now it’s happening in the literary world.

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