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Counting the cost to Murdoch’s billions

Sat 2011-Jul-23 @ +08 23:16:58 pm

How big is Rupert Murdoch’s media empire? What will the UK phone-hacking cost the empire. As Murdoch and his machine come under scrutiny as never before, after the revelations of phone-hacking by his News of the World tabloid in Britain, Al Jazeera’s Counting the Costs programme examines the cost of the debacle on the Murdoch billions.
» Al Jazeera – Counting the Cost
» Watch at YouTube

One Comment
  1. Subang Satirist permalink
    Mon 2011-Jul-25 @ +08 10:44:00 am 10:44

    So murdoch is a peeping tom
    No surprise then, true to form
    Caught in hen-house, clever fox
    Fourth estate forced to detox

    What began as phone-hack scandal
    Is making a lot of big shots wobble
    Enuf to make page-3 girls blush
    Grandees scurry to cover tush

    Hugh grant has cause to frown
    Over coverage of divine brown
    Tabloids had him from start
    Just matter of which tasty tart

    Cops also made to quiver
    For their pocketing of silver
    Politicians sputter false outrage
    Kleenex on besmirched image

    Reading public regarded sheep
    Standards ever lower creep
    Big shots in cosy circle-fuck
    Sinking ever deeper into muck

    In the end, tabloids will keel over
    But not from heat of pol’s glower
    Rather internet, where smut is free
    Sleaze and scandal, to n-th degree

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