Ghosts at Balai Berita (no joke). Bomohs called in

Bomohs ‘clean’ out buildings. But are they now bersih?

Things must be getting pretty bad at Balai Berita. Ghosts and ghostbusters have been seen at the newspaper offices. Yes, really, said an NST insider.

Production of the first edition of this week’s New Sunday Times was disrupted for half an hour on Saturday night as a group of bomohs carried out exorcism rites throughout Balai Berita, including the 14-storey car park.

An NST insider said the team of bomohs went through each of the three wings of Balai Berita, floor by floor.

NST editorial staff on the second floor of the new wing were cleared out at 9.20pm ā€” rush-hour for the sub-editing desk, with just an hour before the first edition pages are closed. Everyone was asked to leave their work, go downstairs and wait outside while the bomohs carried out their rites.

Ghosts or ghostly apparitions have reportedly been sighted in the building, most often at the multi-story car park from level 12 upwards, late at night. Sightings were reported at midnight, and one sighting at 2am.

(Editorial staff of NSTP Group newspapers work until 2am, to produce the final editions of NST, Berita Harian and Harian Metro for the Klang Valley. Most of those working late are sub-editors, the people in charge of editing news reports and producing news pages, graphic artists, and production staff.)

The “ghosts” were apparently seen perched on the ledges of the open wall car park floors.

One news reporter who is said to have sighted a ghost has been on sick leave (but this could not be confirmed).

A haunting at NST last month: not ghosts these, but the spirit of old journalism

Now that the bomohs have done their job and cleaned up Balai Berita, thousands of readers will now be hoping that they, too, will not be haunted by the kind of news coverage that has characterised NSTP Group newspapers of late.

One former Star journo who heard about it on Sunday afternoon isn’t convinced the exorcism worked, though. The place is still haunted by party hacks, he said.

Of course, no one believes that the recent visit by a group of oldtimers of the 1960s to 1980s ā€” the ghosts of newspapers past, as it were ā€” could have led to the recent hauntings, but Balai Berita could still very much be haunted by the spirit of journalism past. And that spirit will never fade away, no matter how many teams of ghostbusters they bring in.

On the other hand circulation reports showing NST and Berita Harian sales going steadily downhill are depressing enough that almost anyone could begin to see things.


24 thoughts on “Ghosts at Balai Berita (no joke). Bomohs called in

  1. I find it extremely hard to accept that the ‘educated’ is doing that ? This is an Islamic country and do not and must not subscribe to this, it is haram very haram.
    Or the circulation is getting so bad they have to seek the intervention of the bomohs !
    They should instead turn to Umno and have them made it compulsory that all Umno members to subscribe to NST and Utusan, after all there are more than 3 millions of them. Even though the country population is 28 millions !

  2. I am really puzzle by this? Are bomoh & witchcraft part of Islam teachings, i.e. halal or haram?? If haram – then why are moslems so readily resort to bomoh to solve their every day issues (from getting good health, and asking for good weather so that it will not rain during the F1 Sepang race to the ghost hunting?)

    • Max,
      Belief in bomohism and all black magic are haram and forbidden in Islam simply because these arts have no real power. All societies in the world have difficulties in shedding remnants of their pre-Islamic, or pre-scientific (yes Islam is scientific) beliefs. I am an American, and over in the US, a good number of people still have faith in some sort of extra-religious forces to help them understand and cope with issues and problems. When I grew up in Malaysia, I was told by my family that there are observable contradictions among Malays regarding their supposed knowledge of Islam and their practices, and this is one of them. This is true for many Christians in the US too.

    • Islam is universal. It encompasses everything, under, above, and on earth, and in Heaven. Hence there is no secularity in Islam. In Islam there are jins and demons and syaitan. We throw stones at the demons in the Holy City. Islam cannot be divorced from everyday happenings. There is no contradiction. Which reminds me of an ustad who wanted the geography text in school banned because it contained the word ‘pig’. I asked what about the Holy Books? When God prohibited the eatiing of pork and that the pig (khinzir) is unclean, the edict appeared in the Holy Text (Surah Al-Maidah). That geography book remained. We should not nit-pick. In this world there is not only black and white. Many things are shades of grey in between. It is not human to have no foibles whatsoever…. and God created us to be humans. But, we strive for the highest level when we can be accorded the accolade of an “Isnan Nur Kamil”; the ‘perfect’ man.

  3. These jokers must be seeing imaginary ghosts. Since they cant ghost past their opponents, they call in bomohs to do the job. See how stupid NST is. Hiring bomohs can be costly. I heard a session by internet-savvy bomohs can cost up to RM10,000. The incontrovertible truth is the real ghosts are the powers-that-be led by chief ghost Ahmad Talib. You dont need hi-tech bomohs to do the job of clearing them out. The readers can do the job by just boycotting the paper. Once their circulation drops to say, about 10,000, the real ghosts will have nowhere to go.

  4. The bomohs need to “develop” their business stragegies. Sightings at corporate buildings mean $$$ (wink, wink). Don’t certify the place clean after 1 sweep; no self-respecting specialists lets the client go after just 1 session. Work on the staff: remember the guy who went to London to cast out “spirits” from students?

  5. watch out, could be the spirits of altantuya, tbh, kugan, sarbani haunting them…for all the lies they hv published …. ?? be afraid, be very afraid !!

  6. Hungry Ghost festival coming. Will the NST management shut down Jalan Riong and allow for dancing and feasting to pacify these ghosts. Come on man, this is 1Malaysia sure can what!

  7. Don’t blame any “beings” or feng shui for your misfortune blame yourselves for spinning too much for your bosses until you yourselves feeling dizzy & griddy & afraid of your own shadow.My advice, edit and report more truth stuffs, readerships will increase, more works less time thinking of nonsense things.

  8. The NST car park comprises 21 levels. After 6pm, staff are allowed to park at lower levels. Those who work beyond midnight would have shifted their car to the lower levels…usually, Level 5 as it’s the nearest level to the second floor of the new wing.

  9. I guess the ghost or ghosts have the freedom to hop from one floor to the other depending on his/her whims and fancy. When the ghost is resting, it probably resides in the room of the managing editor.

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