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Race supremacists making a meal of the Star

Thu 2011-Aug-18 @ +08 13:19:44 pm

by uppercaise

Ketuanan Melayu and its partner Ketuanan Islam are trying to make a meal of The Star’s Dining Out supplement having featured pork dishes while running a cover story on Ramadan Delights. Typically, it is being viewed as un-Islamic and the Star labelled as an un-Islamic paper.

Calling it “un-Islamic” makes it sound like the Star is against Islam, a convenient way of putting pressure on the paper, its staff, its publisher and its chief editor.

But which paper is not un-Islamic?

The Star is un-Islamic? So are the New Straits Times, the Utusan Malaysia, Sinar Harapan and every other mass circulation newspaper in the country. None of them are Islamic publications.

Memo to Home Ministry: Have you labelled all newspapers as being un-Islamic?

Why single out the Star? Because it is a convenient target:

  • it is the only non-vernacular newspaper that is not owned by Umno
  • it is run by editors and journalists of various faiths
  • the chief editor, Wong Chun Wai, is a practising Christian who has openly written about his faith and defended it
  • the paper does not place priority on furthering a Malays First agenda
  • it also makes a lot of money and has high visibility on the stock exchange.

The recent attacks have been coordinated by Perkasa, the rabid Malays First movement that was spawned by Mahathir (I Am Not A Racist) Mohamad, and led by that political buffoon Ibrahim (mass comm grad) Ali.

It is no surprise, looking back on Mahathir Mohamad’s long antagonism towards the Star from the early days of his ascendancy to Umno power, his urging the New Straits Times to kill the Star and his urging tycoon Vincent Tan to start the Sun and knock down the Star.

This week’s attacks on the Star come in the context of the longstanding anti-Christian campaigns, the most notable of which recently were the claims of a so-called plot to turn Malaysia into a Christian country; the recent raid on a Protestant church because of claims of proselytising to 12 Muslims present at a thanksgiving dinner for an AIDS fundraising event; and the move by the Penang government to urge mosques not to broadcast prayers and sermons after the pre-dawn azan.

It must also be viewed in the context of non-Muslim schoolchildren having been reprimanded for eating in the school canteen during the month of Ramadan, supposedly for not showing respect for the fasting month.

The Star’s Dining Out supplement is a victim of such a thinking: that all Malaysians must conform to Islamic practices, whether or not you are a Muslim. It has been a longstanding campaign, supported by politicians in both Umno and PAS, to Islamicise the whole country and enforce public displays of Islamic supremacy such as by excessive use of loudspeakers at mosques for sermons and prayers and not just the azan.

It is Ketuanan Melayau and its partner Ketuanan Islam at work: to force non-Muslims (and thus mostly non-Malay people) into subservience and into conformity with Islamic practices.

Foremost among their stooges have been the Home Ministry and its Publications Division, and the minister, Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein Onn, a man who saw no harm in wielding a keris to further his path to Umno power; who saw no harm in politicians making a public display of a deliberate insult to Hindus; and who took little or no action against the constant Christian-baiting and race-baiting by Utusan Malaysia (an Umno newspaper).

So the question comes to mind:

Is there anything Islamic about the race supremacists of Perkasa and the taxpayer-funded KDN or the taxpayer-funded Minister of the taxpayer-funded federation?

  1. sam permalink
    Thu 2011-Aug-18 @ +08 15:23:59 pm 15:23

    Will a day come when all non-Muslims must stop work at the sound of the azan and show respect to Islam and Muslims?
    Now we are already being told that we cannot eat in front of them during the fasting month. Respect, respect our sensitivities. All advertised food for Ramadan must be halal.
    We need not respect you infidels and in your sensitivities.

    Respect what we eat. Respect our fasting but do not question us on our corruption and sexual exploits. Even when we raid your church, respect us.

    While fasting we can display venom and vitriol against non Muslims. We can burn your paper. We can mock at you. You respect us.

    • Kudat permalink
      Fri 2011-Aug-19 @ +08 13:05:22 pm 13:05

      the day when ALL work stops at the sound of the azan/call for prayer is already here… you just need to go to a certain national automotive company and attend briefings at those time….

  2. Big Bully permalink
    Thu 2011-Aug-18 @ +08 21:57:28 pm 21:57

    It’s not a show of authority. It’s a show of brute power. Nakedly brutal. We can do what we like, even if it’s not socially right. It’s downright bullying.

  3. Devan permalink
    Fri 2011-Aug-19 @ +08 11:03:58 am 11:03

    PAS understanding of Islam is very much better then the infidels in Umno!!

  4. James Tan permalink
    Fri 2011-Aug-19 @ +08 11:32:57 am 11:32

    Such display of arrogance by the powers-that-be is a sure sign of a downfall. Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. And what we are seeing before our very eyes, a bunch of clowns calling themselves holy and Islamic and making a fool of themselves. They will get what they deserves ie. get booted out at the GE13.

  5. Toffee permalink
    Fri 2011-Aug-19 @ +08 18:46:21 pm 18:46

    It’s Ketuanan Pelampau, nothing Islamic about their stand or way of doing things. People like that give a bad name to Islam. Glad that Wong Chun Wai is getting a taste of the medicine, but sad for the paper and it’s journalists. The Star has long lost it’s lustre and a must read, since MCA bought it.

  6. Anak Malaysia permalink
    Fri 2011-Aug-19 @ +08 21:10:33 pm 21:10

    In a way The Star deserves to be bashed up over this human error for it is none other than an oversight by whoever was in charge. The Star should take responsibility and come forth as a media for both Government and Opposition and therein if I were its editor I would be ashamed to announce my faith since I do not actually practice what is expected of me to live as a true follower of Christ.
    For 22 bridled years + 4 insipid years under 2 very different PMs, the people have no choice but to take what Mahathir dished out – but with the opening of the media/internet under Badawi – people have a venue to express their feelings and thoughts and more and more people have had their eyes opened. Hence, Selangor’s government is going to lose big if it doesn’t quickly open up wi-fi/internet services to every part of the country so that its good works can reach the rural and kampong folks… and what with the surge of here today, gone tomorrow voters registration – i fear for PKR in Selangor!

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