Is there anything wrong with this advert?

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In 1968, this Guinness Stout advertisement was placed in the souvenir programme for the AGM of the West Malaysian Malay Teachers’ Union (Kesatuan Guru-Guru Melayu Malaysia Barat), according to a private posting on Facebook. It was on the second page, or the inside front cover and on the facing page was a message from the deputy prime minister, then Tun Abdul Razak. As minister of education he was responsible for the Razak Report that created the post-independence schools system.

Tun Abdul Razak was: father of the current prime minister, Najib; uncle-in-law of the current Home Minister, Hishammuddin; brother-in-law to Hishammuddin’s father, Hussein Onn, the son of Onn bin Jaffar, founder of Umno. Hussein became deputy prime minister to Razak on the death of Tun Dr Ismail, and succeeded Razak as prime minister when Razak died of leukemia.

How times have changed.

In today’s political and religious climate of sanctimonious intolerance, the union premises would probably be torched, copies of the souvenir programme burned, and the bullies of the home ministry and police would have hauled off union officials under the Internal Security Act, or even charged them with waging war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as head of Islam.

We should all give thanks to the Islamisation policies of Hussein’s successor Mahathir (I am not a racist) Mohamad and his deputy Anwar (I am not a Jew) Ibrahim and their political spawn for being so mindful of our moral health. Give thanks also to their political successors Muhyiddin (I am not a Malaysian first) Yassin and Ibrahim (I am a mass comm grad) Ali.

Or perhaps not.

Shall we drink to that? Bottoms up.

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2 thoughts on “Is there anything wrong with this advert?

  1. I had the great good – no, make that providential (I can almost hear my detractors say, “There you go, you bombastic twit”) – fortune of reading this advert just when I was quaffing a pre-lunch beer. Needless to say, the copy was music to my 1960s and ’70s-attuned ears.

  2. How often will the guilty ones ever go to court and admit that they are guilty ? They always claim to be the innocent ones or that the charges were ‘politically motivated’.
    This is the grand son of the untouchable pariah from Kerala shenanigan Mahathir who will die denying he is ever a racist. He was and still is the one responsible to have the civil services run by 96% Malays and filled the remaining 4% by non Malays. That was only done when he could not find the Malays with the right skills to do so. No doubt he would not have hesitated for a moment to have the civil services filled up with 100% Malays if only he could. How sad that he could not do so.

    When the country’s Malay population was, at best, only 60% and the rest of the 40% are non Malays. Why then were these percentages not reflected in the civil services accordingly ? Are the non Malays also sons of Malaysia born and breed in Malaysia ?
    Some of them have ancestors immigrated from outside Malaysia before his grand father did.

    Also why do you think he ‘retired’ ? He knew if he did not do so soon enough the Internal Justice Court would have him indicted for the many atrocities he committed during his tenure as P.M.. Even then he picked AB as his successor when he thought AB would listen to his every command. But when AB did what AB thought were the right things to do, especially when he AB did not appoint his son into the cabinet. The shenanigan Mahathir was more than furious with every thing AB did. He then advocated for AB to resign, a true sign of an active politician he still is. He then revealed he has never truly resigned from politics !
    He then came out in the open to condemn AB, a man of his own choice, not to mention the numerous DPM that he replaced when he was the P.M. Every one is entitled to one or even two mistakes but not him, he made so many ‘bad choices’ in his life time. Surely that must have included the numerous policies he implemented.
    If all that are not the actions of a racist, a bloody racist, what is ?

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