WikiLeak: Ong Tee Keat admits Chinese marginalised

There was once a day in Malaysia when MCA would get the left-overs, but now we are just hoping to get some crumbs from the Umno table
Ong Tee Keat, then MCA vice-president
quoted in a US diplomatic cable in 2006

Ong Tee Keat was one of the few high-level Chinese politicians who agreed that Malaysian Chinese are marginalised by Umno, according to a secret US diplomatic cable in 2006 released by WikiLeaks.

The US Embassy’s political officer, Mark Clark, noted that Ong, then MCA vice-president, was one of the few ministerial level Chinese politicians who refused to deny publicly or privately the fact that Chinese Malaysians are marginalised.

Ong commented to Clark in a private meeting that although Chinese leaders from MCA and Gerakan were bound to support government (i.e. Umno) positions, their Chinese constituents were not satisfied with their responses.

In cases such as this, “silence is sometimes our only valid response.” But he acknowledged, “of course we are marginalised, big business to small stall owners know that — but MCA cannot admit it.”

So when pressed by reporters for a public response to Singapore leader Lee Kuan Yew’s accusation that year that Malaysia marginalises the Chinese community, Ong related an old Chinese proverb — “Whether the water in the tea cup is hot or cold, he who drinks it knows best,” the cable said.

Ong Tee Keat foresaw the difficulties facing the MCA in the general election (held two years later, in 2008). There was great dissatisfaction with the status quo in the Chinese community, only partially shown in the Sarawak elections of 2006 when the DAP won six seats.

“Sarawak was a wake-up call for all Chinese parties,” Ong told the US diplomat. The MCA and Gerakan were not sure they could counter the growing discontent in their communities. The Chinese component parties of BN no longer have community focused development projects to show their constituents, as these have all been redirected to Malay communities.

“There was once a day in Malaysia when MCA would get the left-overs, but now we are just hoping to get some crumbs from the Umno table,” said Ong; an example was in the Ninth Malaysia Plan which called for 180 new schools to be built but none of which would be Chinese or Tamil vernacular schools.

Only after loud outcries from the Chinese community did the Ministry of Education “cave in” and announce that two of the 180 schools would be designated as Chinese vernacular schools. Again, MCA could not provide a proportional voice for the Chinese minority, and Ong believed the community took note, the cable said.

• Ong Tee Keat became MCA president after the 2008 general election in which the party suffered severe losses. He lasted two years, being ousted in controversial circumstances by Dr Chua Soi Lek, the current president

The US Embassy cable in full…


16 thoughts on “WikiLeak: Ong Tee Keat admits Chinese marginalised

    • Correction… the lackeys still want to stay in BN to continue burying the future of their communities for the sake of govt positions! Only on election period would they come out to beg for votes!

  1. this is so sad.
    hindraf going to the wrong place. they should go to the UN and tell the world what an appaling place Malaysia is.
    Malaysisa, the disgrace of asia.

  2. Ong Tee Keat finally said in 2006 Malaysian Chinese being marginalised, but the Chinese and Indians have being saying exactly the same since Mamak’s days, did MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other Umno lapdog parties listen? They deserved to be buried in 2008, never to resurrect for another 54 years.

  3. ok let’s call a tea, a tea. the chinese have always been marginalised. ..its been like this for thousands of years…and will continue to be so for the next thousand years. i guarantee, support and pledge this. so can we move on now?

  4. Which simply means the MIC and MCA leaders have been staying in BN to serve themselves and enjoys the perks of office. What other reason could they have for remaining in Bn despite being treated like eunuchs?
    And why is Ong still in MCA?

  5. That’s why the Chinese, especially those not educated in the vernacular schools, do not support the MCA. The Chinese, noticeably the first generation, were very Chinese in their thinking and clingy to their clans. Sighing with relief it is more apparent that the 3rd generation descendants of Chinese heritage are losing that mindset.

    But sad to say, MCA has not and with time MCA has even emulated UMNO in bullying their fellow Chinese Malaysians. Boo to MCA and may it never rise after GE13.

  6. The present leaders of MCA are all RUNNING DOGS of UNMO.They would sell their souls of the Chinese Community in return for miniter post and benefits.They claim to fight for the community interest aree all bull shits.This is especially the present President of MCA

  7. Only Dr. Lim Chong Yu from Penang has the COURAGE to leave MCA, which was to him selling out the rights of the Chinese to Umnoputras and formed Gerakan. And was able to rule Penang for decades until the subsequent Gerakan leaders hijacked the party and changed the very policy Dr. Lim used to form Gerakan. Needless to say these leaders eventually lost control of Penang.
    Of course the immediate past leaders in the last couple of decades too were and are still practicing exactly the opposite of what the founding leader stood for. One good example was Dr. Lim Kim Aik who became a minister in shenanigan Mahathir’s cabinet just so to endorse the many atrocities the grand son of the untouchable pariah committed This Dr. Lim even wanted and still is trying to bring his son to continue his ‘legacy’. For his betrayal I am sure the late Dr. Lim would have rolled in his graves.
    These so called Chinese leaders in MCA and Gerakan would sell their mothers, wives and daughters to the Umnoputras to stay as ministers. Can’t imagine how Dr Lim Kim Aik and minister Koh are able to sleep peacefully at all and continue to call themselves as Chinese.

  8. MCA leaders have skeletons in their closets n hence are quiet when these MCA clowns faced UMNO, thank you MCA N CO for helping PAKATAN to win 5 states, PLEASE I appeal to GERAKAN n MCA LEADERS to cause the downfall of UMNO N benefit malaysia n her citizens UMNO BN are the creator of many billion dollar scandals as in BMF <MAS PKFZ etc, look at the sacking of top judges in 1988- thats the beginning of an autocractic n dictatorial administration thats is causing malaysia to decline significantly. reads BARRY wain book Malaysian maverick to see how 100 billion disappear from 1981 to 2003. now rampant corruption is common here. look at the millions of illegals on our shores, How did millions walk in?

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