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One million page views

Sat 2011-Aug-20 @ +08 22:06:59 pm

One million page views

Just before midnight on Wednesday August 17th, this blog reached the magic million mark, achieved in just over two years since we began in May 2009.

Many thanks to Malaysia Today and blobfish; MalaysiaKini; Malaysiakita; Free Malaysia Today; bloggers Anil, Antares, Crankshaft, Rocky, Sakmongkol, Walski, Zorro, and others in the blogging fraternity; Uncle Yap and YW Loke of the BeritaMalaysia mailing list at Yahoo Groups; and media friends and others on Facebook and Twitter and email for all the referrals, and all commenters for sharing your views.

It’s not a million unique visitors, merely page views. But a million is a million, I figger, and a nice enough milestone any how. Hope it’s been worth your visits.

Terima kasih

We’ll be taking a short break to catch our breath.

  1. sam permalink
    Sun 2011-Aug-21 @ +08 15:01:22 pm 15:01

    One thing I don’t like is this pop-up advertisement.I thought the prize was sponsored by your blog to appreciate those who frequently read it.
    But it turn out that it was a sales gimmicks where participants have to spend on sms charge(RM4/sms)and that there is no mention of how much one need to spend to win.(To win the prize, one must answer one question at a time(RM4/question) and there is no limit to the nos of question one need to answer before you can win the prize.)

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sun 2011-Aug-21 @ +08 15:25:32 pm 15:25

      what pop-up advertisement? never seen one here, never put one here.

  2. bayi permalink
    Mon 2011-Aug-22 @ +08 14:22:50 pm 14:22


    keep up with the good work.

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