Rocky to lead media onslaught against Najib?

Word has been going around about what Rocky of Rocky’s Bru (Datuk Ahiruddin Atan) would do next, after leaving Redberry group at the end of his contract in May. Speculation was that that he would once again be involved in media as point man for a new political campaign.

He’s planning a new blog… he’s planning a new web site…

Now a new blog fingers Rocky as leading an online media onslaught against Najib Tun Razak, the Umno president, whose precarious hold on the prime ministership looks even more tenuous day by day.

Rocky had risen to prominence by using his blog and his network of blogger and journalist friends to campaign against the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi government and the New Straits Times.

When Abdullah was ousted and Najib took over a year later Rocky appeared to have become the voice of the new power establishment, with close ties to the new Najib appointees at the NSTP group.

He made a loudly proclaimed return to the Malay Mail where he had once worked (and supervised its collapse as a free afternoon paper) before being pushed upstairs as editorial adviser after Redberry, primarily an outdoor advertising company, took control of the Malay Mail, Malaysian Reserve, a financial daily, and Bernama TV media sales.

Now Rocky’s out on the loose — and some say he’s gunning for Najib.

The latest is this posting at a new blog,
Cat Out Of the Bag

Ada Batu (Rocky) Dalam Selimut
Posted on August 20, 2011 by catoutofbag

Some people in PMO have been wondering why PM has been acting weird lately. Is it because of pressure from Bersih? Is he worried about elections?

Maybe. But the real reasons are that history has a way of repeating itself.

In 2006 and 2007 a certain Batu by the name of Rocky aka Datuk Ahirudin Atan made his move against that sleepyhead PM Pak Lah. Being asleep Pak Lah had no idea what was happening.

Rockybru, the self-proclaimed tai ko of SoPo bloggers organised a full on assault against sleepyhead. Backed by Dr M, Rocky influenced public opinion against Pak Lah, and helped oust the sleeping PM.

In stepped our current PM Datuk Seri Najib.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Rocky is doing the same thing again. But this time against our current PM.

By next month Rocky will have his new news blog set up. Operating from an office in a nice KL suburb, Rocky will be ably assisted by his side kick Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal.

Notice how Rocky in his blog has already been laying the groundwork on his blog by attacking certain deals.

Well wait for his new venture.

But the really interesting thing is who is backing his new venture financially.

If you were to find out you would think these were some of Najib’s closest allies.

After all it includes people linked to, wait for it …. Hishammuddin Hussein and Muhyiddin Yassin – the two men who have been pushing Najib to the right, cornering the PM, and basically trapping the PM.

Oh, and if you want to know more about the Hisham-Muhyiddin alliance read Biometric Scandal

Next instalment – I will let you guys know about the plot to control the media a la Mat King Leather style.

The game’s afoot and Najib is the prey…

And who is Cat Out of the Bag? In his own words:

As Malaysia heads towards the next general elections, I find myself in a privileged position to, well, let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the political comings and goings of Putrajaya and those hoping to get control of our country’s seat of power.

Who am I?

I am the civil servant in Putrajaya, the consultant in PMO, the fly on the wall everywhere…you did not really think I would tell you who I am, right?


28 thoughts on “Rocky to lead media onslaught against Najib?

  1. Najib was the reason Rocky got the chance to come back to Malay Mail after being ousted before when Pak Lah was in power. If he now launches attack against Najib, then he must be backed by an even more powerful man.

    • Dear Devan,please apologies to all the prostitutes,at least they know and accept the challenges the face being one,but this Rocky idiot pretends he is always in the know,to me
      his buggered,asik kena bontot aje,when a more richer or powerful gang bontot him,shit comes out of his mouth,we would be better off staying/listening far away from his shit or else
      it’ll will transfer itself into our clean brain n pollute it forever.Suruh dia main jauh2,at least being a prostitute,ada juga org nak main,dia ni,siapa pun tak nak dekat atau dengar his
      shit blogs,he is so clever that M.Mail jadi free evening paper,was once riding so high,everyone i know buys MM to look for cars or property,now,kena guna utk emergency buat sapu bontot,since it is coming from the Bontot man,Dato my foot,my gardener should get a datukship,coz he is Bersih n keep his princple n bontot in line.Bolo punya Bontot



    It is a “great day”- for our colonial master UMNO!

    As “patriotic Malaysians” we should all be celebrating 54 years of British installed “UMNO independence” for Malaya and 48 years of UMNO colonialism also installed by Britain (thanks).

    However as patriotic Sarawakians we can only view the 48 years as a period of UMNO colonialism and plunder of our resources in cahoots with the Rahman/Taib PBB BN puppet regime. We only recognise “Malaysia” as a British/Malayan neo-colonial creation.

    We DO NOT acknowledge such a colonial celebration of the British aided UMNO colonisation of Sabah and Sarawak. We continue to oppose it and demand for a free and independent Sarawak.

    Our message to all Sarawakians remains the same. We must unite and work for a free and independent Sarawak- free from the Malayan UMNO colonial yoke!

    All Sarawakians who want to be free of UMNO colonial rule must unite and fight for our independence!

  3. Yeah, some bloggers are prostitutes. They are just like the PM said in Sarawak, ‘lu tolong gua..gua tolong u’ or ‘you help me, I help you. I have never trusted bloggers like these although his news are welcome but they are only working for thier own benefit. It’s just like bookie’s. hahahaha

  4. It wouldn’t make any difference where he goes !
    The one thing Rocky hasn’t got is what a successful journalist has is to never never fear or favor any one. This I bet my life he doesn’t have, the one thing I am sure he has, is trying to be, in disguise, a politician on different sides and at different times.

    Depending on what he personally will get at the different times and above all he is so seditious in most, if not all, the articles he wrote. If you are writing a blog don’t even attempt calling the shenanigan Mahathir for what he really is, a pariah or the grand son of a pariah, the posting will be deleted for certain. A sad day really it is for true journalism especially with a journalist like Rocky around that is if you can call him a journalist at all. He is really Satan in disguise !
    That is why he is hopping around from job to job and in the process making a bloody mess of them and I might add to say that is why he is still jobless to day and he will die jobless as one, even though he is for now going into a new venture that would be funded by shenanigan Mahathir or his nominee. For how long ? and what will happen when the shenanigan is gone and you don’t have to wait long for that.
    As usual this Rocky fellow will take it into bankruptcy for sure ,even though we all know the shenanigan has plenty to spare and one thing for sure it will go nowhere. Rocky personally has nothing to loose and most of all it will give him something to do and the chance to attack Rais for now.
    We all know how good the shenanigan is at appointing the right person for the right job.
    In the new endeavor it is now Rocky’s responsibility to promote the 2nd son of shenanigan Mahathir, who is currently a deputy minister, to become the future P.M. one day soon. Just you wait and see how truthful that prediction will be. Most of all it is to enable the shenanigan Mahathir descendants to continue to steal the billions or even the trillions the shenanigan Mahathir has and also to ensure that no one will ever be able to track them.

  5. As Pak Samad would say…he wished some of these Main Stream Media people would sto the “Carma” (Cari Makan). Rocky has been leading the Pro-UMNO and BN Government against critics of it’s policies. If you read his Blog, he conveniently raise petty little issues…goes to show that on matters of substance, he’s gone none.

  6. This is predictable. His loyalty has been mostly been to Mahathir.

    Be wary of any anti-Najib moves organized by him or the Blog House Malaysia people. They will only make use of people, then stab them when the time comes. Ask Raja Petra, Lillian Chan, Haris Ibrahim, etc.

  7. Well, well… see how the losers and cowards seethe with resentment against Rocky… because he is successful! HAHA! “Objective”, “Journalism from the heart” etc etc — most here are just Pakatan Rakyat zombies: just because Rocky refused to join the Pkatan bloggers, he’s now a villain. Stop masquerading as an `objective journalist” lah: it is so obvious that you are jealous of Rocky’s success (and your own failure) 🙂

    • What utter nonsense, I know him personally when we used to hang out at the Press Club. He’s successful? I guess he’s successful prostituting himself to the highest bidder and also to stay relevant lah

    • Successful? hahahaha. Let me tell you something.

      After getting back his seat in the MM, he drove the paper deeper into the mud. Nobody bothered to pick up the free copies at sentral or other location. That is why his contract was not renewed, in other words, they kindly told him to gtfo.

      The only reason why he is still running is due to his backers. The Tun. Now he wants rocky for his internet campaign against najib. He certainly has too high hopes this time.

  8. Malaysians are truly suckers, including members of the alternative media community. A few years back, Rocky was the affiliate darling of the opposition camp. He entered the august circle of our prime blogging community as a wolf in sheep’s clothing to “unite freedom lovers” against the evil Pak Lah regime. Everyone lapped up Rocky’s swill.

    Part of the blogging world’s fury against Pak Lah was due to Rocky whose true agenda as I noted was to bring back the Mahathir regime. But nobody listened; in fact I know quite a number who were chastised for thinking that way. Now, he wants Mahathir proxy Muhyiddin in power and I am sure, he will be able to whip up a frenzy of righteous outrage.

    But after Najib leaves, I am sure our online freedom of speech will be protected (sarcasm here)!!!

  9. Well, if Rocky had used Jeff Ooi, Karim Raslan, Raja Petra, Lillian Chan, Haris Ibrahim, etc, then it only shows that ex-mainstream media writers (most of them anyway) still maintain that old link with their former comrades and stifle genuine, or shall I say, a bolder and more vibrant alternative media.

    After all, the Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today and Malaysia Kini still get their band of hacks from the mainstream media. And these shytes decide which contributor is worthy of publication. Slander is common, as was the norm in their former workplaces such as NST and Star.

    Thus, Malaysia still lacks neutral third-party analysis and we still have to rely on foreign correspondences.

    Actually Rocky succeeds and gets away with it because he knows all their dirty secrets. Otherwise, he would have been nailed a long time back.

  10. we have the most sincere n honest administration since 1981, here are the facts. BMF scandal in 1983 where 2.5 billion lost, then MAS- 8 billion gone n now PKFZ multi billion, millions of illegals on our shores n how did millions walk in ? Home Minister said today 0 aiyoh these millions are a threat to security. just woke up to tell the story> such incompetence n corrupt administration deserve to be fired, sadly BN UMNO MCA will win again in GE 13 – albeit by a small majority as they controlled the 3 M- money. media n machinery- powerful factors to win. sad day for malaysia n her poor suffering citizens

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  12. This so-called journo who dubbed himself as “Rocky” is nothing more than a low-male prostitute. If this report is gonna be true eventually, then this rockshit is back to spew poison again. One thing I must say – this badass is totally shameless. He hoodwinks all those with deep pockets and take the money and run. Of course, he has no qualms to turnaround anytime where the dollar sign beckons.

    He was let off from the MM because he screwed up the paper, once but a couple of times for those who know the background. All we know is that this dirt rock advises shit. But still he’s so shameless. He must have a skin thicker than a rhino.

    Eventually what goes around will swing back at him and that’ll be the day we can tell “you step on the bridge too far”. Real scumbag.

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