Wikileak: Guan Eng unwanted, moves to Penang

A leaked US diplomatic cable in 2006 foresaw Lim Guan Eng standing for election either in Penang or Kuala Lumpur because he was unwanted in his home state, Malacca.

The cable, a summary of Malaysian Chinese parties and national politics, was written by Mark Clark, political officer at the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. He wrote:

DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng has completed his term of exclusion following his conviction under the publications act, and DAP insiders expected him to contest for another seat in parliament in the next election.

Lim and his wife have fallen out of favour with party members in Melaka, so Lim likely would challenge a seat in Penang or in Kuala Lumpur. Such mobility is common among Chinese candidates, and due to his relative popularity, party officials were quite optimistic of Lim’s election and ability to join his father Lim Kit Siang as a leader in the opposition.

• Lim Guan Eng was convicted of publishing “false news” under the Printing Presses and Publications Act in 1998 by using the term “imprisoned victim” for an underage girl held by the police on what they called “protective custody”. The girl was the central figure in a case involving Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, who was alleged to have had a sexual relationship with the girl.

• In the 2008 general election Lim Guan Eng was elected to parliamentary and state seats in Penang, after a sweeping victory for the DAP. He is now Chief Minister of Penang and secretary-general of his party.

The leaked US Embassy cable in full…


7 thoughts on “Wikileak: Guan Eng unwanted, moves to Penang

  1. Without the support of lusty Anwar, which was and still is in exchange for the mad dog LKS’s support for Anwar, Lim Jr. would never have become the CM of Penang.
    Both the Lims should go back to Malacca in the coming GE and contest for their seals there to prove a point. But they wouldn’t ! You don’t need to be in Malaysian politics to know what will happen. The people in Penang will support any one in opposition so really Lim Jr’s win in Penang is no big deal or for that matter that would also include the seat won by Anwar.

    • We Penangites have always loved LKS for making Penang their base. Guan Eng has performed incredibly well despite all the setbacks of running a state govt with minimal help from the federal govt. They will not loose the state for many more elections to come irrespective of what outsiders has to say. Penangites knows best

  2. it doesn’t matter where he comes from as long as he believe he is Malaysian.He had done a good job so far in Penang making people live together as Malaysian and trying hard for all Malaysian to survive and be happy.Earning money from the foreign investment and making sure all Malaysian survive happily should be the right tracks for the people of Malaysia.Smart people are people who bring joy to the Family rather than create problem in the Family,like races,religion,education and so on.One day,I believe Malaysia will be having the greatest problem in History cause all the smart and rich had taken everything from Malaysia leaving the poor and stupid to fight for survivor,that will be the time if Malaysian can’t be Malaysian.Races are found everywhere but Malaysian is only Malaysia.

  3. Yes _ MCA N GERAKAN please hit back UMNO silently n quietly n as UMNO HIT you hard n openly, help pakatan n malaysia to win GE 13 n save malaysia from rampant billion dollar corruption scandals n total incompetency, see millions of illegals on our shores< MCA N GERAKAN – do you support this act by your BOSS UMNO, our nation is dying from corruption , incompetent , declining economy, poor education systems n many issues all caused by BN UMNO cronies. help save malaysia- MCA N GERAKAN

  4. What’s the problem here, Marjority Penangites welcome YAB Lim Guan Eng with open arms.
    He’s a Malaysian and can go or even settle down anywhere in the country. If malaccans don’t value him, Penangites do. He has done great for Penang in such a short period of time.

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  6. A real change in Malaysia is vital & inevitable…

    The main problem & issue in this country faced by almost 68% of its population in Malaysia is none other than that….On the surface they appear to be very silent & subtle on the continuous UMNO/BN government wrongdoings but in actual fact and deep down in their hearts & minds, they are rooted with boiling resentments on the present ruling Government’s knee-jerk acts & policies over the last two decades or more.

    End of the day, you will eventually realize that the UMNO/BN goverment is not the solution to your problems cause the main problem & prime culprit on this whole issue is none other than UMNO/BN itself. Bah kata orang tua ” Harap kan pagar…pagar makan padi ” dan jugak ” Musuh dalam selimut”

    Lets find ways & means to completely wipe out UMNO/BN from the face of Malaysian Parliament in the coming GE.

    Larry Jay

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