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Zaini to Gerakan: shut up, so Umno can rule Penang

Wed 2011-Aug-24 @ +08 12:38:03 pm

With Koh Tsu Koon still making news long after having lost Penang and the chief ministership to Pakatan Rakyat, Gerakan was told by Zaini Hassan of Utusan Malaysia today to shut up and not make trouble.

Strange advice. Gerakan was wiped out in Penang after years of DAP taunts that the party and Koh Tsu Koon were merely Umno puppets. Yet Zaini is again telling Gerakan to “behave”.

His motive: so that an Umno man can become chief minister. If it was announced that Umno would hold the chief ministership, Malay voters would desert Parti Keadilan Nasional and vote for the Barisan Nasional again, he argues. So shut up and behave. We want to rule.

Then he introduces three ideas in one sentence: that Penang’s chief ministership is a rotating position, that it must be returned to Umno, and that Umno won all the seats in the state assembly.

Sepatutnya perbincangan sekarang ialah untuk memberi balik pusingan Ketua Menteri kepada UMNO yang menang semua kerusi yang ada dalam DUN sekarang.

Facts: Umno is the sole BN party in the assembly, but it didn’t win all the seats, there are 39 held by Pakatan Rakyat. The chief ministership of Penang was never a rotating position. Umno never held the chief ministership.

Zaini is practising sleight of hand, a typical Umno strategy of propaganda through subtle shifts of position.

What he wants to say, but doesn’t, is Umno only grudgingly accepts the numerical balance in Penang, but is intent on enforcing Malay-led rule throughout the federation. Add all the Malay-led seats together (PKR 19 PAS 1 Umno 11) and there would be 31 to the (Chinese-led) DAP’s 19.

It’s Umno mathematics at play: Add, then divide and rule.

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  1. Wed 2011-Aug-24 @ +08 13:11:38 pm 13:11

    No matter what he is trying or doing the fact remains he is just reaffirming that deceitful and corrupted is what they are known for !

  2. Devan permalink
    Wed 2011-Aug-24 @ +08 14:30:51 pm 14:30

    Thats how UMNO treats you cows in BN?????
    Utusan Meloya is a racist paper acting on behalf of the Racist UMNO!!!
    You stupid idiots in MIC,gerakan,MCA,PPP…will never learn!!!

  3. Foo permalink
    Wed 2011-Aug-24 @ +08 17:41:43 pm 17:41

    Finally, what EVERYONE in Penang knew but NEVER stated openly is out of the bag – the only CM that is not OWNED by UMNO!

  4. Madmen permalink
    Wed 2011-Aug-24 @ +08 23:54:51 pm 23:54

    even a reporter also dared to shout at a minister to shut up. i’m sure other mca-mic-ppp etc ministers dared not stand up to defend this poor guy or else they will incur the wrath of losing their job,perks,contracts given by amno which is not answerable to anyone.

  5. Ex-PBB permalink
    Thu 2011-Aug-25 @ +08 14:25:30 pm 14:25

    KTK would have done very well in Public Bank. THP loves yes men.

  6. Zul permalink
    Thu 2011-Aug-25 @ +08 23:29:43 pm 23:29

    The problem with Zaini is he think PKR equals Malay, so he assume the 19 seats held by PKR are majority Malay. If he do his research like a true journalist, reality is many of these seats is mixed race.

    Such a statement by Zaini will backfire. Non-Malay voters will be put off. They will flock to or stay with Pakatan. Many Malay voters here are satisfied with the present admin, the trend tend to be more pro-Pakatan the younger the voting age group is.

    BN Pulau Pinang is in poor state. Gerakan & MCA are nearly non existant, local MIC & UMNO is racked by infighting and typical backstabbing plots. Protests and activism is being outsourced to the local Kimma & Perkasa chapter.

    I also read the part of his column about Anwar. His reason Anwar is homosexual because he has been regarded a Renaissance Man by some. Zaini has ignored the scientific and cultural achievement of Remaissance era to focus only on naked men (Michaelangelo David & Leonardo Vitruvan Man).

    If these are the type of people leading utusan, Im not surprised they are in financial trouble.

    – from Gelugor

  7. Wed 2011-Aug-31 @ +08 22:23:48 pm 22:23

    Maybe Gerakan and MCA should quietly plan to bury UMNO in Penang come the next GE. After all, what have they got to lose? Maybe teach these racists a lesson in coalition politics.

    I can only hope. The balless wonders are probably lining up crying to Najib already.

  8. charlie chan permalink
    Thu 2011-Sep-1 @ +08 16:02:31 pm 16:02

    yes UMNO cant rule in putrajaya alone as they only has 80 seats in PARLIAMENT so the coalition partners gave them the mandate – from MCA , MIC n parties from EASTY Malaysia. so umno – dont talk big, you will see a different picture in GE 13

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