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All 463 KL embassy cables – the full list

Wed 2011-Aug-31 @ +08 19:58:59 pm

For easy reference, this is the full list as seen at WikiLeaks yesterday before the site went down. (Page links at the main site are often updated and changed, and other mirrors do not replicate in time. So far only nine mirrors have been fully updated.) In case of difficulty use the Cablegate search (see below).

» Full screen view

The file above is a list of the 463 Kuala Lumpur cables released in the Aug 24 dump. There are 48 others previously released. Cablegate Search has the full list of 511 cables.

Cablegate search

WikiLeaks has an experimental but excellent search engine. The current database has been refreshed up to the Aug 29 dump. For KL cables, use this link: » Cables from US Embassy Kuala Lumpur
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  1. Thu 2011-Sep-1 @ +08 08:34:06 am 08:34


    With more available public leaks
    You get to know more secrets bleak
    While some may be tough as teak
    Most will reveal what’s frail and weak

    (c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Thur. 1st Sept. 2011.

  2. Thu 2011-Sep-1 @ +08 12:36:19 pm 12:36

    Awesome, Uppercaise. You da man!!!

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