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Sarawak govt highly corrupt, says US diplomat

Wed 2011-Aug-31 @ +08 09:58:42 am

US embassy political section chief in 2006


Comments from the DAP politicians and Suhakam reinforce what we have heard from other Sarawak state leaders and national politicians. By these accounts, the Sarawak state government remains highly corrupt and firmly in the hands of its chief minister. The $82 million state assembly building now under construction serves as perhaps the most obvious and extreme example of the self-enrichment of the state’s chief minister and other senior government officials. Through a combination of financial and political patronage, media ownership and control, and a seemingly unfocused opposition party, no serious challenge exists to the governing coalition’s longstanding grip on political power in the state.
Mark D Clark
political counsellor, US embassy
cable to State Department
13 October 2006

Sarawak's state assembly building dominates the skyline in some parts of the townSarawak’s state assembly building hogs the skyline in some parts of Kuching. It is many times the size of Fort Margharita and the Astana, home of the White Rajahs, situated further along the river bank. In this photo of the old part of town, the assembly building looms dominatingly in view from across the Kuching river. Its shape is said to resemble the headgear of the Melanau people. The chief minister, Taib Mahmud, is Melanau.

  1. Shame ! Shame! Shame! permalink
    Wed 2011-Aug-31 @ +08 12:51:35 pm 12:51

    Those Christian leaders should resign in shame, you are a disgrace to us all brothers and sisters in Christ bcos people are also saying that we Christians are also very much corruptible where you guys set a “good” example for all to see.What a shame!

  2. Wed 2011-Aug-31 @ +08 13:57:12 pm 13:57

    What else can you expect especially when they are part of the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputra ?
    Apples from a Orang tree ? So don’t expect anything less or more and or else you will not be disappointed. Forget the idea they will ever change for the better just save your effort and energy to ensure you get better and more dedicated leaders in the coming GE to replace these deceitful and corrupted Umnoputra once and for all times.
    Also make sure they together with the grand son of the pariah from Kelara, shenanigan Mahathir, his family and all his cronies get indicted for the unspeakable atrocities they have committed.
    I had refer their crimes to the International Justice Court before but before any action could be taken the shenanigan Mahathir who was given a copy of my complaint ‘resigned’ before the tribunal could take any further actions.
    Not that the shenanigan Mahathir wanted to resign he did so to avoid any indictment was initiated but he continue committing his atrocities, as a civilian, and also thinking he could continue committing his atrocities with the appointment of AAB as his puppet.
    When AAB did things in his own way even canceling some of the projects the shenanigan started especially without appointing his second son into the cabinet. The shenanigan became furious, to say the least, resurfaced in politics and began to show he was and still is involved in politics. He did not ‘retired’ as dramatized on stage during the Umnoputra’s annual assembly.
    One thing, for a while, he achieved to fool the Malaysian voters though that he did. The Malaysian voters came out to rejoice and celebrate his retirement. And they voted for the Umno lead BN to a record victory, notwithstanding how deceitful and corrupted the candidates were. But when they eventually realized they were all fooled they then turn around in the last GE and gave the Umno led and appointed candidates a thrashing of their lives. Just look at the past few years whenever he surfaced to support any candidates they all failed to get elected and whenever he did not show any support for the candidates they all won.
    Let us hope he will come out to support all the Umnoputras and the Perkasa candidates in the coming GE and we will see what will happen.

  3. Say NO to Corruption permalink
    Wed 2011-Aug-31 @ +08 15:38:39 pm 15:38

    Corrupt & Deceitful Taib Mahmud & Mamak Fake Malay MahaTHIEF (Mahathir) should be put on trial for stealing BILLIONS of the wealth of Malaysia.
    In other well governed democracies with independent judiciaries,anti corruption agency & police force ,such THEFT of public funds would not go unpunished.

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