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On intellectual honesty

Fri 2011-Sep-2 @ +08 13:42:42 pm

Prof. Khoo [Kay Kim] is no academic innocent or virgin when it comes to press coverage. He must know that the NST has its knives out for Mat Sabu … the pursuit of academic facts and intellectual truth is the furthest away from being a concern or priority of the NST. Mat Sabu possesses intellectual honesty to raise uncomfortable questions…[he] puts to shame the academic hangers-on that are quick to bray when called upon by the government.
Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives
2 Sept 2011

If something is real, then we can’t hide it.
Quoted by Dzulkifli Abdul Razak
Vice-Chancellor, Universiti Sains Malaysia
1 May 2011

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  1. vasantha permalink
    Fri 2011-Sep-2 @ +08 15:42:38 pm 15:42

    Professor Khoo, be true to your calling!

  2. Torquemada permalink
    Fri 2011-Sep-2 @ +08 20:18:57 pm 20:18

    Khoo Kay Kim isn’t a bad fellow, but as an academic he’s at best mediocre – so he fit perfectly well into the Malaysian education system and became a Datuk through taking care to avoid making waves. The poor fellow seems to be trapped in a timewarp – he continues to serve the power structure rather than truth, even though he’s made enough money to be comfortable. Hard to figure people like that!

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Fri 2011-Sep-2 @ +08 20:39:29 pm 20:39

      It isn’t his personal character at issue but his inability or reluctance to turn down media requests for a quote knowing full well they only seek his input to support known positions. (He’s a tan sri now, btw, highest gong for the civil faithful.)

  3. mmc permalink
    Sat 2011-Sep-3 @ +08 17:36:09 pm 17:36

    too many of these prostitutes in town who will sell their principles to BN for a few dollars more

  4. hanana bt abdulla permalink
    Sun 2011-Sep-11 @ +08 16:27:18 pm 16:27

    yeah, what does one expect from a propeser insipidus of establishment hitory .

    Is it any wonder that um sejarah department is not in the top 100 in the

    ranking ?

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