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WikiLeaks opens up: get your stash here

Fri 2011-Sep-2 @ +08 10:11:58 am

WikiLeaks has fully opened its secret archive of US embassy cables and announced instructions this morning on how to decrypt the file. The site has been releasing selected cables in stages over the past year, sometimes in cooperation with news media houses.

Over the past two days, WikiLeaks also conducted a worldwide poll of its supporters, on Facebook and Twitter, of whether to release the full archive. The response was overwhelmingly in favour at about 15:1.

The decision to open its archive follows the leak of an encrypted file containing the full contents, and public disclosure of the secret passphrase used to open the file.

The decision

The download link

It points to the Cablegate page at WikiLeaks, which contains the download link for the full archive in 7z zipped format.

The secret passphrase

How to open it up

Have your own WikiLeaks


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