WikiLeaks: All 994 Kuala Lumpur cables (unredacted) now online

This map from Der Spiegel shows the activity of US cable transmissions around the world. It shows the scale and spread of US diplomatic power, and is a rough indicator of which countries are its main concerns.

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There are 994 cables from the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur in the full WikiLeaks database that have now been released to the public. Of these

  • 462 are unclassified cables, some marked “for official use only”
  • 438 are classified as confidential; and
  • 94 are classified as secret, some marked not for foreign distribution

(All the cables are unredacted files — personal details have not been removed. Please handle with care.)

The “secret” cables mostly concern security matters (nuclear non-proliferation, arms exports), higher-level regional and international matters, assessments of Malaysian politics, and visits by senior US political officials and military officers.

Nine “secret” cables are assessments of the political fortunes of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Najib Tun Razak and Anwar Ibrahim.

Where to read the cables

» All the KL cables (Radek Mrkva’s Cable Viewer)

» 2,487 cables from KL or referring to KL

» CableGate Search: 251,287 cables found.

» Cablegate at WikiLeaks 251,287 cables released.

» Cabledrum search 143,912 cables indexed.

The full cable database download

Just in case you still want it, below is the Torrent download link, for the full 368 megabyte file at WikiLeaks, compressed with 7zip. (It downloads in 20 minutes on a Unifi line.)
Uncompressed, the full archives expands to 60 gigabytes. You have been warned.
Cryptome has a file that expands to only 1.7Gb.

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