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Pak Sako’s 7-point plan for liberation

Mon 2011-Sep-12 @ +08 20:54:45 pm

Since the primary point of attack [of the ruling class] is the Malay psyche, the remedy must as a matter of course focus on the Malays. Liberating the Malays from mind control is key to improving the Malay lot and normalising race relations.

There is however a limited window of opportunity for action. This window is closing with the increasing Islamisation of Malaysia. A new way of seeing and doing is therefore urgent.

It must culminate in new rules of engagement that redefine the attitudes of the Malays and non-Malays, the relations between these communities and the institutional setup encompassing these.

Pak Sako’s 7-point plan

  1. For the Malay individual — five ways to build confidence and self-esteem
  2. For the Malay community — three ways to strengthen and enhance relationships
  3. For the Malay and non-Malay communities — four ways to reach out
  4. For progressive and liberal Malays — how to show the way forward
  5. For political leaders and authorities — three steps to tolerance
  6. For political parties — two ways to a new politics
  7. For everyone — inclusiveness and tolerance

Pak Sako
political commentator
in a column at Centre for Policy Initiatives

» THE COLUMN IN FULL: Freeing the Malays and Muslims from religious mind control

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  1. Ferdtan permalink
    Tue 2011-Sep-13 @ +08 12:15:20 pm 12:15

    Who is this political commentator who used the name of ‘Pak Sako’? The real Pak Sako was a freedom fighter, Ishak Haji Muhammad (14.11.1909 – 7.11.1991). I am sure many readers are confused with the real Pak Sato.Can someone throw some light to the real identity of the ‘present’ Pak Sato?

  2. Adam permalink
    Wed 2011-Sep-14 @ +08 10:28:31 am 10:28

    Like most writers, bloggers and commentators, they use pseudo names for their own reasons. Some would want some form of identity and some anonymity. I would also like to know who the writer is, to congratulate him for such an enlightening piece. His choice of ‘Pak Sako’ is indeed apt as he is, to me, a freedom fighter too.

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