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Protect us from the political terrorists and subversives in the Umno-BN machine

Fri 2011-Sep-16 @ +08 14:40:46 pm

by uppercaise

So the son of the man who introduced the Internal Security Act says his father’s repressive act is to be abolished, at last, and new laws on terrorism put in place.

The 1Najib Tun Razak, who is the notional 1Prime Minister of the notional country of 1Malaysia, has made more vague promises of notional political reforms that some, especially the foreign press, see as a step towards restoring democracy, or rather a notional democracy.

Until the details of the proposed new laws are made public, there is little to celebrate. All we have are promises.

Don’t forget: this is the same 1Najib that promised to do away with Umno’s New Economic Policy. He has not done so. Umno’s selfish, greedy and racist businessmen politicians will not let him.

Now he has promised to replace his father’s repressive laws with a different set which he says will suit modern times and foreign practices. Let’s see the new laws first. Only then will we know if Malaysian citizens are being protected by a government elected to serve — or whether the political-bureaucratic-security establishment has found a new way to protect themselves from us.

That, in essence, is what it’s about. That we, the citizens, need to be protected from rapacious politicians and their patrons, and from real and threatened violence.

Remember, the Internal Security Act was brought in by Najib’s father to fight communist terrorism.

Over the years, it became a tool for Umno-BN politicians to protect themselves.

The meaning of “terrorism” and “subversive activities” and “national security” was stretched further and further, to the point of ridicule, and more and more people were labelled as “terrorists” and “subversives” and “threats to national security”.

Yet the fig-leaf of “national security” has been blown away countless times by their own actions, which reveal that “national security” is just a cover for protecting their own job security.

The ISA has been a crutch for the police, the bureaucracy, and the real terrorists of today — the race bigots within Umno and other parties, in Utusan Malaysia, Perkasa, and the other spawn of Mahathir Mohamad-inspired racism, and the rent-a-crowd bullies who are sub-contractors of Umno politicians.

It is never been so much the laws in place that have been the problem.

The problem has been the practices of ruling party politicians and their encouragement of the police and military, the judiciary, and the bureaucracy to bend the rules and sacrifice democratic practices in order to stay in power.

When the United States introduced anti-terrorism laws after the destruction of the World Trade Centre on 11 Sept 2001, that odious megalomaniac Mahathir Mohamad cheered and gleefully pointed out that the US was now following in Malaysia’s footsteps.

In other words, in the warped thinking of that tyrant, allowing the police to pull in the likes of Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Chandra Muzaffar, Cecilia Ng, an academician, and Brother Anthony Rogers, a Catholic priest and activist and Yeshua Jamaluddin, a Protestant Christian, is just the same as the United States detaining those who slaughtered more than 3,000 innocent civilians, among them airline passengers, and destroyed two skyscrapers.

In the eyes of the police and the Special Branch, detaining journalist Tan Heng Choon (photo, right) of Sin Chew Daily in Penang — for her protection — must have seemed to be the equivalent of detaining Mas Selamat who surprisingly remained undetected in hiding in Johor after escaping through a toilet window in Singapore.

Yes, Tan Heng Choon did require protection. She needed to be protected from Umno’s racist bullies in Penang.

She did not deserve to become the first Malaysian journalist in recent years to be “protected” by the Internal Security Act.

It was those “repugnant bigots” of Penang Umno whose inflammatory speeches, aimed merely at securing their lucrative political careers, who should have been detained and told to cool off.

Yet blatant racism and racist rhetoric is exhibited every day, for example in the news and editorial pages of Utusan Malaysia, on radio and television, inflamed over the years by the many examples set at the political centre.

People like Mahathir Mohamad are fond of using their so-called stature as so-called leaders to debase themselves and the Malaysian public with frequent reminders about the possibility of race riots, in particular those of 1969 — riots that many believe to have been instigated by Umno to retain political power, and to which Mahathir Mohamad’s racist rhetoric in his book Malay Dilemma and his speeches played no small role.

That amounts to terrorism — putting the Malaysian public in terror of wanton and sponsored acts of violence.

Yet those who would stand up against such acts of terrorism, those who wish to rescue and protect Malaysian democracy, are labelled as “subversive” in the warped and Orwellian “black is white” mind-set of the ruling class.

The real subversives are those in the Umno-BN political, bureaucratic and security machine. It is they who have subverted Malaysian democracy and Malaysian nationalism for their own profit.

Najib Tun Razak’s promises to clear away the hideous legacy of his father’s acts — the ISA, the various proclamations of Emergencies, and the Emergency Ordinances, and restoring some judicial oversight — enhanced in repressiveness by Razak’s successors, particularly Mahathir, are a necessary first step towards restoring Malaysia among the ranks of civilised nations.

Najib has exhibited a measure of political courage never shown by Mahathir Mohammad (a no-class home minister who refused to take responsibility for signing detention orders).

The next step is to make sure that the security, judicial and administrative establishment are willing to do their job, fairly, honestly and professionally — to protect the citizens from our so-called leaders, and from our so-called public services.

We can’t call ourselves a civilised modern nation until we the people are in charge.

  1. yeo276 permalink
    Fri 2011-Sep-16 @ +08 18:02:37 pm 18:02

    Is it d real TRUTH!

  2. rom nain permalink
    Fri 2011-Sep-16 @ +08 22:01:55 pm 22:01

    Good, hard-hitting comments that deserve a wider audience. Too many of the liberal Malaysians who have rightly criticised the regime all these years are being too soft in their initial responses to all these promises – and that’s all they are, promises, coming from one who has a history of breaking his promises – made on the eve of Malaysia Day. It is highly likely that these promises are aimed at appeasing (conning?) much of the Malaysian middle-class just before the 13th GE. We need to be vigilant and not buy into all this so easily and so quickly. We need to remember that this regime began and sustained all this repression in the first place. What’s to stop them reversing all these `decisions’ if they are returned to power, especially with a bigger majority? And what form, for example, will the two new laws replacing the ISA take? Indeed, in the end, will it all be more talk and spin and very little action?

  3. leekh permalink
    Sun 2011-Sep-18 @ +08 12:21:51 pm 12:21

    The msm are calling this man a reformer and a brave hero for making an announcement that he was going to do something in the future! Nothing has been done yet!

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