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Media Law handbook – reading copy

Thu 2011-Oct-20 @ +08 15:38:46 pm

Media law expert Prof Jane Kirtley of the University of Minnesota was commissioned by the US State Department to produce this handbook, 20,000 copies of which have been distributed around the world. Prof Kirtley is in town this week, making presentations on media law to universities and to journalists (for whom a workshop was held at the Malaysian Press Institute).

The Bar Council hosted a talk by Prof Kirtley in Kuala Lumpur yesterday followed by a dinner. Much to the chagrin of the host, Andrew Khoo of the Bar’s human rights committee, the talk was only sparsely attended with a sprinkling of media academics (Pauline Leong of Utar) and activists (Masjaliza and Siew Eng of CIJ) among others. The chilly rain and weekday timing might have contributed. Or perhaps it was the somewhat surreal prospect of discussing high principle in the midst of more down-and-dirty shenanigans from within the fraternity as well as the usual suspects among the powers that be.

Other than than it’s been a quiet week at Lake Woebegon. Unfortunately the boys haven’t been above average.

Here’s Prof Jane in an interview earlier this year.

If the video doesn’t show up, look at Videos on the right-hand rail, or go to


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