Coming soon: yet another New New New NST

Altogether New NSTSigh Spoof design created by uppercaise with Scribus and Inkscape. (I had an hour to spare.) Sigh.

There’s yet another New New Straits Times coming next week. The phrase is so trite you’d think NST Marketing would seek something fresh. It’s only been used since 1979, after all, and the paper’s been through three re-incarnations, each one trumpeted as being NEW! Never mind, no one remembers these things anyway. So long as it looks different from the last one.

Keep your pencils sharpened for Nov 11, it’s you-know-who’s favourite number.


2 thoughts on “Coming soon: yet another New New New NST

  1. They should not change their name but what can you expect the morons to do ?
    The more they do the less interest the people would have in reading their ‘news’ when they know all they do when they are unable to sell their wrappings papers the only thing they can think so is just add the word ‘New’. Remember with each passing day the people of Malaysia is able to judge many things for themselves what is right and what is wrong. The more the paper tries to fool them the less appeal the papers become.
    As I have said many times before the people don’t pay money to read half truths especially lies, a newspaper is expected to convey to the people news and not propaganda for your political masters. Above all your news reports must be done without fear or favor !
    Just look at the Malay Mail it started as a newspaper with a fair bit of appeal and at a cost but as soon as it became a source for half truths and lies the circulation started to diminish and soon they were given away free. Especially with Rocky on the watch and a mouth piece for his master the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir.
    For his obvious support for the shenanigan he was given the title of a Datuk and may be the New New NST should bring him back to be the big chief since he is jobless now.

  2. Is that guy who wants to pass himself off as Sylvester Stallone truly jobless? Isn’t he now running the blog called The Mole? Fitting name for a guy who has been one all the time.

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