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Next: A sharper New NST

Wed 2011-Nov-2 @ +08 19:03:32 pm

The NST changes its looks again on Nov 11. This isn't itSpoof design created by uppercaise with Scribus and Inkscape. Sigh. To think I had to say that.

As the NST prepares to go live with its new design by Garcia Media, some people have been heard grumbling about having to cope with unecessary stylistic frills in typography and type formats. Then there’s the construction going on to build the definitive command bunker for Convergence. They’ve been wanting one since IFRA started the push for always-on always-connected all-media news desks all those years ago. (In the bad old 90s, that is.) At least it’ll give Zainul Ariffin something to fuss about. Watch out for Nov 11. It’s the owner’s favourite number.

  1. copperhead permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-2 @ +08 19:39:04 pm 19:39

    Based on those ‘mock-up’ text in the mock-ups, the BN mentality of their editors is still the same – a mouthpiece for the gomen and always negatively poking at the opposition – and even democracy and Bersih!

    Knowing those laggards inside, they will be twisting and turning – and trying to figure out the ‘new-look’ idea set forth by Mario Garcia. It won’t come as a surprise if they succumb to typeface and colour cacophony syndrome eventually. And it all comes down to what Malaysians like to refer to as the “Rojak factor”.

    The most important question to ask is: Can they last the distance? And it won’t be a distance of marathon proportion, mind you.

    Berita Harian had a couple of Mexican design experts to revamp the BH a few years back but today it seems to have forgotten most of the design aspects handed down by those mariachis.

    As one wise journo says: It’s content, content, content, stupid! Not just eye candy.

    I’m sure, editors, editorial rank and file and other freeloaders will be tearing their hair out eventually when they realise it’s a mountain too hight for them to climb.

  2. drago permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-2 @ +08 19:56:05 pm 19:56

    If they want to do well NST should follow the Malay Mail approach of employing ‘top notch’ journalists mostly from the Sun which they are doing recently. And pay them 5 figure salaries to boot no matter which editorial section they go to. NST and The Star editorial folks will be flabbergasted when they learn that these new recruits to MM will be earning two, three or even four times more than what they are getting all these donkey years. That’s how you get ‘quality ‘ products and improve the newspaper. Wait for the MM new launch in January next year and you will be blown away! Meanwhile, the MM is struggling, sad to say.

  3. Sam01 permalink
    Thu 2011-Nov-3 @ +08 16:09:22 pm 16:09

    A donkey wants to be a race horse.

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