Design icon as protest symbol

|Another spoof NST front page with a cameo role for another Garcia job. spoof design by uppercaise

The work now going on to redesign the NST and the Berita Harian is being directed by Garcia Media, the newspaper design shop of Jose Mario Garcia. He’s the big cheese of the newspaper design racket, having fiddled with the Singapore Straits Times, the Wall Street Journal (and its Asian and European editions) and The Star.

Of these jobs, the Star redesign ended up in the desk drawers of Steven Tan, then managing director, and never emerged again, according to the company legend that floats around Section 16. The Star got Garcia on the cheap: he was doing the Singapore ST at the time and would fly up over the weekend to give directions for the design editor formerly known as Khoo Kay Peng (hired away from the NST) to implement.

This time, his work (or rather that of his Europe-based desgn director) will, all things being equal, see the light of day in Malaysia.


2 thoughts on “Design icon as protest symbol

  1. Is it any surprise that Mario Garcia threw tantrums the other day in NST, blowing hot over the lack of understanding in regards to his new design for the new New Straight Times? Well, a little bird told me that piece of news. The former chief artist with no journalistic background (now NST Design Director, quite a big sounding title, thanks to Zainal Ariffin) must have taken a huge blast from the Poynter Institute design guru. Anyways, 3 more days to go before the new look hits the street. Cheers!

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