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Sex is banned. So here’s everything you wanted to know.

Thu 2011-Nov-3 @ +08 22:08:10 pm

Sexuality is banned. It’s a waste of time says Muhyiddin Yassin. Look who’s talking. He’s not only a waste of time, he’s a waste of public funds. Don’t click that link, that’s a waste of time, too, reading what he had to say Sexuality is a threat to public order says Khalid Abu Bakar. He’s even worse. Why do we waste public money on salaries for Bukit Aman and Putrajaya, two loony bins full of certified bozos like those two?

The book has also been banned. That makes it all right, then. Sales will go up now and it will join the » Kama Sutra, » Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine … and all the other stuff banned at one time and then become oh-so-conventional. Zen sex also, to avoid religious discrimination.

For the rest of you, here’s
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Islamic Sex*

*But Were Afraid To Ask.

Oh if you didn’t get it, that’s okay too. Dina Zaman says so, as well. (Paragraph 11 but who’s counting?)

  1. farha permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-9 @ +08 17:00:25 pm 17:00


  2. Better safe than sorry permalink
    Thu 2011-Nov-10 @ +08 11:02:19 am 11:02

    Muslim Bumiputra should have their quota correctly implemented.

    They can’t have 100% sex so 30 % is good enough and the official rate.

    The Selangor Istana should reinforce this.

    Everyone in Selangor should have their sex card chopped by the Istana officials. To do so you must be properly attired. All men are encouraged to wear turbans. The women don’t have to wear anything as Selangor is a safe sex state.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2011-Nov-12 @ +08 01:17:05 am 01:17

      Do they give free condoms? Maybe it’s the water.

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