A ghastly piece of NST goes in the bin

Not by Garcia, comprende?

When the new redesigned NST hits the streets next week, you can be sure it will have a new titleplate. Phew! Thank goodness for small mercies.

At long last we’ll be rid of that ghastly, schoolboyish, tinkertoy titleplate of the past decade (below) since the paper shrank to tabloid size.

Plainly a result of amateurish tinkering with Illustrator’s stretch and skew, it’s neither fish nor fowl, ill-proportioned, with squashed strokes, fattened stems, and a remnant serif poking out in the middle like a finger in the air. It’s abominable.

Real World Graphic Design 101: You can fool the customer and get away with it

For all its ghastliness, NSTP must have taken some pride in it, letting it adorn the front pages and their corporate livery all these years. It seems to be a tiny metaphor of corporate culture: screw the customer, screw principle, so long as it fools ’em and no one complains.

Whatever they come up with on Friday couldn’t be any worse. Could it?

So be thankful, if you’re a graphic designer or just someone with a little respect for typography. There’ll be one less reason to flinch the next time you see the NST at the news-stand. Just five more days of putting up with this:

Aargh! It’s the stuff of nightmares!

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll like any of the stuff coming out in a week’s time. And as for the news content, the less said the better. Otherwise I’ll have no friends left.

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