Private Eye is 50. Grauniad says no hard feelings.

Some schoolboys never grow up. Thank goodness.

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The paper founded by Lord Gnome (hic!), featuring Lunchtime O’Boulez, the Diaries of Idi Amin and Margaret Thatcher and other larks, turned 50 on Oct 25.

50? — surely shome mistake
Mention the phrases “surely shome mistake”, “that’s enough, ed” and “Ugandan discussions” and you instantly know what territory you’re in – the world of Piers Moron and Peter Carter-Fuck and a satirical magazine born almost 50 years ago, on 25 October 1961.
An appreciation in The Grauniad. Sadly they

The Guardian’s giving away a free Private Eye CD with every copy of the paper today. It features Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and other funny stuff. Being mercilessly mocked by the Eye for its spellbinding literals in the old Linotype days hasn’t hurt the Graudiad or its own sense of irreverence.

Post me a copy, someone?


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