Bug-eyed aliens rule Putrajaya

Nanoo, Nanoo

Shock! Owners of “New” Straits Times revealed as bug-eyed aliens!

The owners of that “new” Malay paper you see in the photo above were certainly having fun in Putrajaya yesterday backing up the marketing campaign for their flagship newspaper (70,000 copies a day and dropping), and the million-dollar (US) redesign. That amount is small change, of course, compared to what APCO has been paid, and a trifle compared to the big moolah that Alan Friedman and FBC received, for among other things softball questions and kid-glove handling by John Defterios and others of that ilk.

At this rate Mario Garcia well qualifies to be the next big cheese on the list of media advisers to the 1Najib Tun Razak. (After all, he’s American. These days that’s all you need.)

The first thing the new adviser should do is to tell the owner of the “New” Straits Times to pay attention to the news and not to the show business.

Oh wait, I forgot. Putrajaya, the “New” Straits Times, TV3, Media Prima … they are in show business.

Ah yes. So, what else is new?


9 thoughts on “Bug-eyed aliens rule Putrajaya

  1. No matters what the New S.T. marketing department does the circulation will
    go down. There is only one way the circulation might go up is just like what they did give them away for free. I say might as no body even wants to use the papers as wrapping paper or use them in the toilet for fear the ink they used to print will contaminate the wrappings or their ass hole.
    The only sure way is to have Umno have a legislation passed at their general assembly that all Umno members must have a copy of their print daily and for free. They must bring ‘ Datuk Rocky’ back to manage it, after all the so called Datuk is jobless now and has a seditious records for the position of an uneducated illiterate chief for the NST.

  2. It’s the contents, stupid. Obviously no one said this to the NST numbskulls who think that revamps can do wonders to an ailing newspaper. After countless revamps and failures under various wannabe Pygmalions, one would think NST would be wiser. Obviously we overestimated their intelligence. The newlook paper appears to obfuscate readers.with headings and sub-heads and discordant standfirsts which serve to make a tabloid paper a mish-mash. Frankly, it would have been better if the buffoons in the NST bury their heads in the sand and hope that the paper die a slow death rather than trying to overdose their comatose patient with painkillers. Now, let’s digress. Is this NST’s final battle? Will it be do-or-die this time? Can the paper arrest the precipitous downward trajectory of their circulation? NST’s present circulation is arguable. Some say it is 70,000, some say it is 100,000. But all are agreed the circulation is plummeting. If hitting 70,000 is uncharted terrirory, then the paper will be on another planet should it fall below 50,000 which will come sooner than expected given the downward sentiment. Finally, I believe NST is preparing for another do-or-die effort because this latest round of revamp will fall flat.

  3. I guess he doesn’t mind being jobless so long the RM20 million given to him to grease the Umno propaganda machine is there for him to do as he pleases. There will be a lot left after greasing the hands of some of those cybertroopers who don’t know any better how they are being used. A mole will always remain a mole, so say some wise men.

  4. If NST think they can hoodwink the public into giving them another chance, then articles and pictures of the head honchos, or Umno flunkies, snuggling up to Najib and his kleptocrats on the opening pages are not going to help their cause. The self-aggrandisement and opposition-baiting continues unabated, cementing their status as the frontline for Umno’s lies and deceit. While world financial markets are punishing Europe for mismanagement and empty rhetoric by pushing up bond yields, Malaysians are going to punish NST by pushing down their circulation further. Looks like Ahmad Talib and Jalil will never learn the mistakes of the past, the very mistakes that have eviscerated a national institution. Suara Umno will continue to amp up its insidious propaganda machine to prop up a corrupt and tottering regime, whatever the consequences.

  5. The only thing that the powers-that-be can do to get people to read their rags is to ban all other newspapers. But even then, people will go for manga — it’s more interesting and possibly more realistic.

  6. Just have to leave my stamp mark here. In just about 6 days, the new NST is already looking like the Old NST. Mario Garcia’s serviing is getting stale pretty pronto. Obviously, the ‘green horns’ in editorial are struggling to keep up but the going is not as easy as it is cut up to be. Well, you can say it’s a flash in the pan!

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