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Apa bezanya? New NST or New ST?

Sun 2011-Nov-13 @ +08 10:21:40 am

Kami punya

Kami punya

A reverse takeover by Business Times in 2005 with another Singapore-influenced look

Depa punya

The other paper, in Singapore. It flies the little red dot in your face.

Siapa punya?

This one is red with "New" on top. The other is blue with "The" on top

Siapa punya?

Is this a New NST or a "new" Straits Times?

But who cares, anyhow

All said and done, it’s the bottom line that will count. None of the above will matter if perception, circulation and advertising all go up. They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, even with five font changes in one standfirst: a small price to pay (so long as Media Prima coughs up). That’s in addition to the bragging rights: what could possibly top being associated with a marketing designer of world renown? Claiming to be a world-class newspaper, even if only by association. Now top that.

NTV7 almost got it right for the new Newstraightime. The old baldy is Mucho Gracias

  1. weehobbit permalink
    Sun 2011-Nov-13 @ +08 10:34:24 am 10:34

    NST arrmagaddon is around the corner.

  2. copperhead permalink
    Sun 2011-Nov-13 @ +08 10:49:09 am 10:49

    The HSBC ad embedded with the Page 1 blurb on Saturday issue is one good example of how the re-design will flop eventually as the editorial production team struggles to maintain Garcia’s ‘fatwah’ on his design format but they will eventually bend to the demands of advertisers and marketing. Slowly this malady will spread inside and then one day you wake up and see that the NS**T is like some bugged-eyed monster from outer space!

  3. Mon 2011-Nov-14 @ +08 07:38:15 am 07:38

    The wine is still the same old vinegar even with the new bottle !

  4. Foo permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-16 @ +08 16:05:11 pm 16:05

    Yah, who cares? Enough of spin lah and you expect me to pay?

  5. Dave permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 01:53:06 am 01:53

    And, if it drops further… they can switch the font to Comic Sans.

    Claim it will help attract a more youthful audience.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 03:36:30 am 03:36

      Oh poor Comic Sans, everybody’s favourite putdown. How about Zapf Chancery instead? Oh I know. Dingbats!

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