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The jackasses who offend the Constitution

Tue 2011-Nov-22 @ +08 15:52:16 pm

Jamil Khir Baharom, the army general turned minister for Islam and not a minister of law, can’t tell the difference between a law and a Constitution. The Constitution sets out guarantees for the people, and gives Parliament powers to make laws to prevent people from hurting each other.

What is an offence against the Constitution?
Bad laws and bad policies that do the opposite of what the Constitution guarantees.

Who offends the Constitution every single day?
Politicians, government officers, police and the military.

  • Politicians who make bad laws and who order actions that are against the guarantees set out in the Constitution.
  • Officials who say and do things that are against the guarantees in the Constitution.
  • Policemen and politicians who say you cannot wear a yellow T-shirt, or a Che Guevara T-shirt, or a Mao Tse-tung T-shirt.
  • Politicians, policemen and officials who say Bersih is unclean but Umno-paid Mat Rempit will get police escorts
  • Policemen, politicians and officials who allow raids on Central Market to confiscate T-shirts and cartoons, who raid Zunar’s office to confiscate books of cartoons.
  • Policemen and officials who confiscate Bibles, Keadilan, PAS or DAP newspapers, but allow Umno and MCA newspapers and anti-Christian publications.
  • Policemen who barge into citizens’ homes in the middle of the night because some oafs in high places were found out
  • Add your own examples to the above: there’s plenty to go around

The Jackasses Who Offend the Constitution

  • Army generals who say that the military must help the police.
  • Military officers who do not see that corruption robs our defence capabilities
  • Military officers who see public chaos instead of a free people
  • Army generals who forget their job is defence and not internal security.

And army generals who forget that their job is to fight other people, not our own people, kill other people, not our own people.

That is against the Constitution.

And then there the army general turned politician Jamil Khir Baharom who tried to invent new laws off his own bat. The place to make laws is in Parliament. Not in Utusan Malaysia. But Jamil Khir Baharom doesn’t want to know the difference.

Raja Petra says Jamil Khir Baharom is “not that intelligent and downright ignorant, as most Malaysian ministers are”. Translation: like most ministers, Jamil Khir Baharom is a cross betweeen an idiot and a jackass.

They know how to cover their arse and to bray. But they seem to know bugger-all about what they’re saying or doing.

How is it the army continues to turn out jackasses like these?

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  1. Anon permalink
    Tue 2011-Nov-22 @ +08 21:19:26 pm 21:19

    The Army General that you are upset about is Not an Army General in the true sense. He is not at warrior General but the head of the religious department.

    In the Western Armies they have the Chaplin. In every branch and unit of the Armed Forces, there are guru ugama of various ranks.

    They know next to nothing about fighting a war.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Tue 2011-Nov-22 @ +08 21:46:47 pm 21:46

      Thanks. Actually I knew he’s an Ulama General but I thought I had insulted him enough, no point insulting ulama also. But we must also keep an eye on the fighting generals. They are also worth insulting because they have gone into internal security which is a civilian task, and not stood up against corruption which destroys military capability. One of the fighting generals who said the army must be called out during Bersih 1 in 2008 was Panglima Sauk. He can’t tell the difference between fighting the enemy and fighting your own people. Any commissioned officer who thinks defending the country and defending the Barisan Nasional is the same thing is basically a traitor to his royal commission.

  2. eagle permalink
    Tue 2011-Nov-22 @ +08 23:32:58 pm 23:32

    The fact that he was taken in by Najib to be his menteri Ugama need no further telling.
    Simple… you say yes, you bodek and be their crony and continue apple polishing and you be the general or at least be a menteri ugama.
    Moron and asshole will make the grade of the bolehland Armed Forces and anywhere in the government and you don’t need brain. Don’t be surprise if the skull head is cut open by krismuddin kris then you will find the brain is missing.

  3. Smar permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 10:03:16 am 10:03

    I don’t know where he got his airborne wings. I wonder how many jumps he did and where? These are pseudo officers who enter the forces on a religious ticket and outrank serious career officers. Please do not have a bad impression of the many because of these strange few.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 10:56:18 am 10:56

      I think the officer corps must do a very serious rethink about the concepts of regimental honour and service loyalty because of instances like these. Not just the general of the ulama corps. What about the Panglima Sauk, who got angry because he was supposedly stuck in a traffic jam because of Bersih 2008 and then wrote in an article in the NST that the army should be called out? Panglima Sauk has been awarded an SP but based on what he said, he’s a coward. He will not allow the people their political rights. And what he asked for is half-way there. The army is already doing training side by side with the police. And if somebody gets killed at a demo or somebody is planted to provoke violence, we are halfway to military rule. The officer corps cannot just sit still and keep quiet about this sort of leadership.

  4. innfian permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 10:47:18 am 10:47

    I tell you what, the next PRU, this guy will win easily kat area dia because kat area dia, he is so popular… dia selalu turun kat kampung, rasmi itu and ini, and they will angkut all orang-orang tua and kampung by bus to meet him… dapat duit lagi some more… inserted in an envelope that got his gambar and his wife on it…

    by the way, this musim cuti sekolah, dia sponsors for budak-budak kampung ‘bersunat’ beramai-ramai… parents and tok wan mesti suka like hell punya, dahlah the kids dapat duit RM100 baru-baru nie… hey that RM100 from kerajaan lah, not from UMNO and it is our right to get it… you tell me, fine.. I know, but those ‘saluran 1’ voter… are they buying that?
    Those ‘saluran 1’ voter, they don’t really care what happen kat KL as long you know how to beli their soul… ‘penin’ as orang Kedah cakap….

    Kedah dialect 101… always drop the ‘g’… pening – penin, kucing – kucin
    Trengganu dialect 101… always add extra ‘g’… ikan – ikang, jalan – jalang

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