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Jackass minister covers arse, blames Utusan

Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 02:27:30 am

After a day of public shellacking over remarks on homosexuality and the Constitution made by Jamil Khir Baharom, the army general of ulama who became a minister for Islam and not a minister of law has covered his arse by blaming the newspaper.

He didn’t say he was wrong about homosexuality and the Constitution. He didn’t say he was wrong to imply that the Penal Code was the Constitution. He said he thinks he was misquoted. He thinks?

“Not the Constitution, I said Sections 377(a), (b), (c) and (d), it’s not the Constitution; I think it was misquoted”.
Malaysian Insider

So it’s all right with him to push the blame on the reporter and the newspaper? Is that how a minister for religious affairs takes responsibility for his actions?

And what about Nazri Aziz, the actual minister of law? This is what he said when trying to cover the arse of his cabinet colleague:

So when Jamil said that (homosexuality is against the Constitution), I think he’s right. Even though a certain act is consistent with the constitution, but is not consistent with Islam, the act is not applicable in Malaysia.
The Sun

Nazri Aziz certainly sounded as if he believed the report was true. And Nazri Aziz certainly seems to have believed Jamil said that. Of course, Jamil now says he was misquoted. Was this before or after Nazri had a word with him?

Let’s then look at another example of Jamil’s so-called thinking:

“Section 377 prohibits sexual relations between two men,” he explained to reporters today. “That’s why it can be brought to court.”
Malaysian Insider

Rubbish. Stop lying to the public

The only thing Section 377 says is that anal sex or oral sex are not allowed. Men on men, or men on women, or women on men, anal sex and oral sex is not allowed. It does not say anything about homosexuality and it does not say men cannot have sexual relations with other men.

Now, tell us again, how does the army turn a jackass into a general? The same way jackasses become ministers?

God protect us all if we ever go to war. For sure, the jackasses won’t.

  1. Sam permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 10:00:33 am 10:00

    Aiya,simple solution is put them back to their kampong(to tanam jagung) in the coming GE.

    • Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 10:06:48 am 10:06

      So in the meantime we don’t talk about these things? Is that what you are saying?

  2. Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 10:51:16 am 10:51

    Now, tell us again, how does the army turn a jackass into a general? The same way jackasses become ministers?

    yes yes yes !……………(clap clap clap !)

  3. Wed 2011-Nov-23 @ +08 15:39:19 pm 15:39

    To begin with when you have a quarter cooked as a minister this is the type of response one should expect, especially so when he is so used to blaming others for whatever went wrong.Just remember this is not the army you are dealing with and the people don’t to do and die.
    When confronted with the facts a typical reply to his shamble is that he is misquoted, surely someone out there must have a recording of his utterance , just come out with the recording and shame the devil.

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