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Lee Kuan Yew’s lesson on life

Thu 2011-Nov-24 @ +08 15:48:12 pm

Once you invite the British in, you can never get them out
Can’t remember when and where now

They’re relentless. And implacable. It never stops. It never ends.

Portscan attack from
Connection to wordpress fails. TTL error.
Connection to pop3 : 110 fails. Three times in 30 min.
“You asked for Siew” says the boy at the next table. (A DAP stooge of some cop? The stooges always seem to be DAP people.)
Twitter connection fails.
Hotspot connection has been switched involuntarily to snooker centre
Tweet rejected
Echofon reports OAuth error.
Tweet rejected
Echofon reports timestamp error.
Tweet rejected
Echofon reports JSON error. Demands immediate shutdown
Tweet rejected
Echofon reports OAuth error. Four times in 30 min
Earlier today Abirami overcharged 2 bucks for a 5.50 meal. Woman cashier laughed. Young Tamil louts and loutish girl sniggered. Staff were poker-faced.

Same as last year.

It’s not make-belief. It’s not just your street-side cop.

On the web, on Facebook, on Twitter, in email, on the phone, on the radio, on the telly, in the papers, in daily real-life encounters.

It’s by trained professionals.


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