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Foreigners, shut up: Assembly bill outlaws protests by exiles, dissidents and migrant workers

Mon 2011-Nov-28 @ +08 14:55:52 pm

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Political exiles and dissidents:
don’t get angry in Malaysia

The Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 doesn’t give Malaysians much space or time for getting angry. It’s worse for foreigners. They are banned altogether. Protests and demonstrations are only for Malaysians.

For make benefit glorious nation

So if you’re a political exile or dissident from another country (Burma, Mongolia, Tibet, Falun Gong, Timor, Papua, Mindanao, etc), this Bill is for your repressive government and Malaysian politicians’ noted friendliness with tyrants and dictators. (Kazakhstan, anyone?).

Cultural Learnings of Malaysia For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of…

fill in the blanks.

Mahathir’s good friend. Oh shut up

This bill should be also known as the Freedom of Foreign Dictators (Tell Malaysia To Shut Up) Bill. Or maybe we should name it the Peaceful Assembly (Keep Robert Mugabe Free) Bill.

So, get the message, political exiles and dissidents from Iran, Burma, Tibet, China, Timor, Papua, Zimbabwe… this Bill is keep your horrible governments in power. (And, of course, to keep our horrible government in power.)

  • Foreigners are not allowed to protest or carry out demonstrations.
  • “The right to organise or participate in a peaceful assembly shall not extend to non-citizens”. Section 4.1.a
  • That means:
    • No to political exiles and dissidents from elsewhere.
      Burmese exiles, Iranian exiles, angry Mongolian parents, Arab dissidents, Timorese exiles, Papuan exiles, China dissidents, Falun Gong, Tibetan dissidents, even Singaporean dissidents if any — find some other country.
    • No to foreign factory workers or coffeeshop workers.
      Don’t protest or demonstrate about being cheated by bosses, don’t protest or demonstrate about dirty labour agents, or Rela goons or crooked police or immigration officers. The Malaysian government will protect Malaysian crooks in government and business.
    • Angry foreign students, go home
      Or protest somewhere else (like Tahrir Square perhaps). Don’t get angry in Malaysia. You’ll be an illegal student in no time. If your college has cheated you, don’t demonstrate or protest. If a crooked college agent cheated you don’t demonstrate or protest. The Malaysian government protects crooked colleges.

Foreigners shut up. Just give us your money

If foreign countries were as repressive Malaysians abroad wouldn’t be allowed to demonstrate outside their high commission or embassies, or the tourism offices, or in public parks and town squares. No Bersih anywhere in the world. Photo: Bersih in Perth

Luckily some foreign countries think human beings should be allowed to say their minds.

Only tyrants say shut up.

You still don’t believe Malaysia is a quasi totalitarian state?


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  1. Mon 2011-Nov-28 @ +08 22:33:53 pm 22:33

    There was some chatter earlier about the words “outlawed”, “banned”, and the differences between a prohibition and a restriction. Journalists talk loosely sometimes to help ordinary people understand. For lawyer talk you must go to LoyarBurok where I believe they weigh every word. If only the bozo who is the chief legal officer of the federation did the same.

  2. Tue 2011-Nov-29 @ +08 07:02:25 am 07:02


    That’s a good one…Bravo.

    “You still don’t believe Malaysia is a quasi totalitarian state?”

    The Powers that be calls it the “Ketuanan UMNOputra/BN” Law aka “Guided Democracy”…

    “Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will.

    But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

    I do not add ‘within the limits of the law,’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual” – Thomas Jefferson

    And the question is: To whom have we so carelessly granted that power?

    Are THEY the kind who would understand YOU , who from their experiences would know something of the fears and struggles you have faced?

    Will THEY care about YOU or about JUSTICE?” – Gerry Spence, American lawyer

    You be the judge.


  3. semuanya OK kot permalink
    Tue 2011-Nov-29 @ +08 13:27:33 pm 13:27

    Aiya, what don’t you understand about “I help you, you help me”? Our BN-friendly businessmen love cheap (serf) labour. Moreover, the kafir from Burma can be exploited more than the others, and sold into slavery at the Thai border when they are no longer wanted.

  4. malchindian permalink
    Tue 2011-Nov-29 @ +08 16:37:22 pm 16:37

    Uppercaise, thank you for picking at the bones.
    The glaringly repressive controls of this Bill now needs to reach all foreign embassies so that they may understand their limited voice in Malaysia.

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