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Bar Council: Stop police repression, end police state

Tue 2011-Nov-29 @ +08 01:22:55 am

Bar says independent Board needed to keep police under control

The Bar Council has called for the creation of an independent Peaceful Assembly Board to hear objections and to provide oversight over regulation of peaceful assemblies — in other words, to keep the police under control.

In a statement issued last night, the Bar Council said: “This is to counter the government’s continuing “unacceptable practice of allowing the police to be its own judge and jury on matters relating to freedom of assembly”.

In other words, the Bar is saying:
don’t let Malaysia be a police state

On other aspects of the Bill, the Bar said:

  • The Bar’s version promotes Malaysian citizens’ right to the freedom of assembly; the government’s Bill continues to constrict the space for peaceful assembly. “Worse still, in the total prohibition of street protest, the government’s Bill contains conditions or restrictions” that did not exist before.
  • The Bar version complies with international practices; the government Bill does not. “For instance, no other progressive (country) prohibits assemblies in motion (processions or street protests)”.
  • The government vests excessive powers and control with the police, and imposes onerous duties and responsibilities on organisers and participants of public assemblies.
  • The Bar takes in the internationally accepted principle that peaceful assembly is part of “public order”; the government views such a fundamental right as a threat to public order.

» Full text of the Bar Council statement

Join the Lawyers March for Freedom: 11.30am, Lake Club to Parliament Square, KL

Petition against Peaceful Assembly Bill

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  1. Tue 2011-Nov-29 @ +08 07:13:33 am 07:13

    The quarter cooked Malaysian police has gone beyond control because the present regime needs them to do their dirty jobs and as such has to close one eye to all the police’s behavior. If not for the timely reminder by the bar council the quarter cooked will soon go beyond the control of the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons.

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