Lawyers’ freedom march – photos

Bar Council hands over memorandum opposing govt’s Peaceful Assembly Bill

» The Star » BBC: Lawyers rage at Malaysia rally ban

Selected photos from Azlan Zamhari’s gallery at Picasaweb.
© Azlan Zamhari. All rights reserved

Chuah Siew Eng of Centre for Independent Journalism doing her best for freedom of expression

Starting them young: facing their enemy

This is their enemy: the people

Aunty Bersih, Ann Ooi, is also their enemy

Come on, Shahrir. You do know right from wrong

Guardians of the kleptocrats: the boys in blue uniforms

A police state proud of its repression

On an outstation coach, a Malay voice cuts over the pop songs on Suria. Dia di balai it says. A few minutes later, uppercaise followed by New Straits Times. The pop songs continue. No more voice overs, or if any, they went unnoticed. Near journey’s end, Tamat then Selamat. A woman in sunglasses glares steadily. Outside town two hours later, WPP 1208 seemingly on routine ronda drives slowly past, just after a woman in the neighbourhood has brought out a large Alsatian on a leash. Pausing at the junction at the end of the street, the driver raises his right hand in a casual wave. WPP 1208 also wants to be noticed for their part in everyday repression.

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6 thoughts on “Lawyers’ freedom march – photos

  1. Ahhh YESsSsSSSs!!!!

    Finally the BILL is passed & I finally can have a peace of mind there will be NO longer BARBARIANS demonstrating & parading the streets like some LOST FOOLS looking for wild strawberries. More importantly, there will be no more unnecessary traffic jams & shut down of business due to the activities of BARBARIANS marching our modern streets shouting whenever they see helicopters up above the sky thinking as if it’s GOD.

    What a relieve!!! This is indeed a HISTORIC day whereby we finally have NEW AGE LAW to disable CAVEMEN & CAVEWOMEN from executing their Stone Age marching activities in today’s modern era.

    Hmmmm (curious)…why don’t these street marching BARBARIANS take part in Merderka Day parade since they like to march so much??? Lost Fool Barbarians somehow losses sense when it comes to the correct time & venue to march.

    Well……all this would now be HISTORY. They can now start marching in their own toilets shouting as loud as they want looking at the toilet mirror.


  2. OMG!!!

    These days are lawyers too free & have nothing better to do? Lawyers need to march on streets ar?

    Times are bad or are these lawyers simply have no more case to attend in court???

    Economy merosot ke?

  3. My mother said “Yes, we no longer need to worry about unnecessary traffic snarls due to crazy people marching the streets making the roads all jammed up”

    My uncle said “Yes, we no longer need to close shop whenever crazy people bring their crazy activities out on the streets”

    I now can say “AHhHH YeaaaaHHH!!! I can go out party again”

  4. The real barbarians are those who trampled on the constitutional right of freedom of its own citizens with no accountability to anyone but themselves. These are the real tyrants and barbarians who will suffer for their mis-rule on judgment day.

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