Marching for justice, without fear or favour

Why are they taking to the streets?

The answer is 42

The purpose of the Malaysian Bar shall be: to uphold the cause of justice, without regard to its own interests or that of its members, uninfluenced by fear or favour
Section 42.1 (a) of the Legal Profession Act

Later this morning the campaign against the government’s odious and repressive Peaceful Assembly Bill takes to the road with a March4Freedom, from the Lake Club to Parliament Square.

Organisers hope that Malaysians of all languages and creed will turn out in their hundreds, if not thousands, to join lawyers of the Malaysian Bar exercising a central tenet of belief: that being a lawyer is not merely about the law but about justice

When the lawyers assemble and march, they will in fact be performing a statutory duty under the Legal Profession Act: to uphold the cause of justice, without regard to their own interests, and without fear or favour.

It is true that the law does not specify that lawyers must take to the streets in upholding justice. But that is the beauty of law crafted to uphold noble aims and not cobbled together by dirty policemen and politicians for base and degrading motives.

Without specifying the means, the law leaves the matter to the conscience and abilities of the profession to uphold the spirit of the law and not the letter.

Few professions, if any, impose such a requirement on its members. Malaysians have reason to be grateful for the foresight of those who drafted the Legal Profession Act. The struggle to defend — nay, to regain — Constitutional rule of law would be a much more rugged path without it.

March For Freedom

Take back the country from the kleptocrats

Give it back to the people.


One thought on “Marching for justice, without fear or favour

  1. We have all kinds of lawyers, some are more ‘correct’ that they need to say it three times, but turned out to be incorrect. We have lawyers as lawmakers, including one with a doctorate, but sometimes, their statements did not even make sense, which makes us wonder what difference does it make.

    Thanks to some lawyers who are willing to uphold the law in words, deed and spirit, that we are hopeful our country will not go to ruins by some selfish lawmakers.

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