Perkasa turns yellow: no balls to wear red


5 thoughts on “Perkasa turns yellow: no balls to wear red

  1. They also wore yellow yesterday in March to Parliament…..saying that they were Tian Chua’s supporters. When they were exposed they took off their yellow tees and took off. The police collected their tees and took them away. They squeaked a bit like frightened rats and dispersed.

  2. Listen guys,they will try this again,believe me,they will assemble within us n just wait for their provocation to identify them,chase them away,think guys,how do we stop them from ruining our course????

  3. I am not sure of it is a matter of them Perkasa people having cojones to wear red.

    As Zorro mentioned, yellow t-shirts were also worn by some “Tian Chua supporters”.

    While it ia mighty hard to disagree with those who say that Perkasa protestors are simply testicle-less cowards, I think the recent incidents of them wearing yellow is more likely a dirty tactic aimed at smearing BERSIH.

    Recall the bundles of yellow BERSIH t-shirts together with assorted parang and “molotov cocktails” (in unbreakable plastic bottles, no less!) conveniently “found” by the police in several locations just before BERSIH 2.0?

    Could these Perkasa people with yellow t-shirts be wearing them at the behest of some vile tok dalang?

    • I think it’s quite obvious that some of them will try it even if there’s no dalang, and even if they don’t get paid for it. They want to protect the gravy train, activities like Bersih and the Lawyers’ March threaten to derail the gravy train. It’s up to the police to keep order, and they have their informants in both sides, and to participants to always be mindful and not to react to force with force.

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