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The ‘demo’ in democracy

Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 14:25:25 pm

Photo: @dibjualkata via @NatAsasi #OccupyParlimen #PA2011


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Your Tax Dollars At Work: Rowdy Demo at Komtar

  1. TOKZ permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 15:11:51 pm 15:11

    You WANKERS certainly DON’t understand what on earth is DEMOCRACY.

    OK look, I certainly won’t call DEMOCRACY when we have a bunch of DONKEYS marching & shouting like some insane BARBARIANS causing unnecessary problems for other people simply becos’ they want to champion some agenda. There are many appropriate ways to champion an agenda instead of behaving like UNCIVILIZED MORONIC CAVEMEN & CAVE WOMEN parading the streets screaming as if HANTU JALAN had possessed them.

    The problem with most people is that they think DEMOCRACY=FREEDOM. Come on!!! freedom ought to have its’ boundaries. Can we simply go rob a bank because it’s our freedom or democracy to do that???? Where’s ya BRAINS??? Had GOD forgotten to give you fellas that???

  2. estrada permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 15:37:47 pm 15:37

    Hello, Tokz, don’t talk kockz. You mean those New Yorkers doing an Occupy Wall Street are also wankers.

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