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Your tax dollars at work: rowdy demo at Komtar

Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 15:27:04 pm

Peaceful Assembly At Penang Event. Police Absent

About 300 people, wearing yellow, caused massive traffic congestion in George Town in an hour-long demonstation from 12.45pm, marching some 800m along Penang Road to Komtar, disrupting traffic. The group comprised several state NGOs, including Perkasa and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Sejati Malaysia. Eleven people were arrested. » Full report: The Sun

» Perkasa turns yellow: no balls to wear red
» Peaceful assembly at Penang event. Police absent


  1. estrada permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 15:35:09 pm 15:35

    The yellow peril being instigated and probably being paid to make this noise.

  2. Seong permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 16:27:45 pm 16:27

    If the demo is related to YB Ng, as reportted in the Sun, I think the State Govt should take it as feedback. And I speak from personal experience although I have voted for DAP for years. It will be good for the CM to take note – I really don’t wish Penang to be under BN again!

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 18:30:50 pm 18:30

      Fair enough. The problem is knowing whether this is valid feedback when it’s Umno’s paid subcontractors in Perkasa and Anak Mamak making a big noise. Ng Wei Aik is getting a bad public image but the facts are getting distorted by the racial-baiting of an “illegal demonstration” that gets official sponsorship, conducted in yellow to confuse the people about the yellow of Bersih, etc. I don’t think many people will get fooled.

  3. TOKZ permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 18:13:09 pm 18:13

    I think these YELLOW stooges are from BERSIH. Only BERSIH idiots wear YELLOW.

  4. Jerry Chin permalink
    Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 18:16:42 pm 18:16

    This is the reason why I SUPPORT the GREAT BILL that was passed recently. Otherwise, we can be sure we will see more of these IDIOTIC STREET MARCHINGS in future. These street parading idiots such as the BERSIH donkeys, Bar Council lawyers, Perkasa, etc are giving the impression that Malaysians are a bunch of MAD WILD ANIMALS which had escaped from the Zoo.

  5. Wed 2011-Nov-30 @ +08 18:17:18 pm 18:17

    Perkasa is aware that their days are numbered ! Abrahim Ali is looking at alternative to turn to which is typical of his kind, empty balloons make the most noise. He should go and get support and advise from the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, Shenanigan Mahathir, after all he went to support the ‘snake’ in his rally. You scratch my back and I scratch yours.
    May be the shenanigan knows too his days are also numbered and the Arab is coming Malaysia way.
    All those deceitful and corrupted Umno morons are again shouting their hearts out at the Umno general assembly only when they are in the midst of their kind and especially when the GE is coming near. By the way how many of those attending the assembly are born Malays and not half breeds ! A good example is the wanita chief, one with the look of a mamak just like the shenanigan Mahathir.

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