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Shots fired as Papuans protest 50 years under Indonesian occupation

Sat 2011-Dec-3 @ +08 14:35:11 pm

Clashes as Papuans raise flag banned by Indonesia

Indonesian security forces clashed with Papuan independence activists this week during protests to mark the 50th anniversary of the province declaring independence.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said local television stations showed footage of police driving through crowds of protesters who were waving Papuan independence flags and cheering. The footage showed police firing shots into the air, violently wrestling protesters to the ground, and confiscating the Morning Star independence flag.

There are also reports protesters were shot but this could not be confirmed as the ABC is not allowed into the region. TV reports also showed images of an Indonesian policeman who it is claimed was shot with an arrow during the clashes.

The disturbances happened on Thursday at rallies marking the 50th anniversary of Papua’s declaration of independence. Indonesia invaded the territory on the western half of the island of Papua (the other half is Papua-New Guinea) in 1962 and annexed it as part of the Indonesian republic, with the tacit approval of the United States, Britain and Australia.

Raising the Morning Star


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