How to run a very b-i-g country – by world’s greatest expert on everything: Mahathir


On Friday, the world’s greatest expert on democracy gave India a lecture on how to run a country. His idea: India must have less democracy. India must have more power at the centre, and less power in the provinces or states. Then India (democracy) can progress faster. Look at China (communist), he says. Democracy no good, communist good. Powerful central government good, state power no good.

Big democratic countries where states have a lot of power
Canada (rich), United States (rich), Brazil (getting rich),
Australia (rich), India (poor, getting rich)

Big countries where states have little or no power
China (communist, run by one party) – getting rich

Big-talk countries where states have little or no power
Malaysia (communist look-alike, run by one party) – going broke

Number of big countries run by Mahathir: 0

Therefore, Mahathir the expert says I know how to run your country.

Number of big rich countries run by Mahathir: 0

Number of countries run by Mahathir now going broke: 1

Mahathir’s Malaysia: a country for big talk. Talking cock.


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5 thoughts on “How to run a very b-i-g country – by world’s greatest expert on everything: Mahathir

  1. Typical of the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir, always talking cock a consummate liar and a racist. Before he took over as P.M. Malaysia did not have to borrow to fund the many white elephants built in the country, not to mention also taking billions of ringgit from Petronas to do so.
    There was only one reason for him to build the numerous white elephants and that were the big ‘commission’ that went with them plus of course the chance for him to feed his cronies with contracts and crumbs just to ensure he got their support to remain as president of the deceitful and corrupted Umno. One such example, only one, is the big project he implemented to drain the big rain water out of K.L. when it rains but K.L. is still flooded and the entire city is in a chaos whenever it rains. This is only an example of the white elephant he implemented, the sole reason was to enable him to earn the ‘big commission’ that went with to Mr 10% !
    How else do you think he stayed on as P.M. for 23 years when he was the most hated man in Malaysia ? I swear to urinate and shit on his grave when he is buried.
    And even when he was supposed to have ‘retired’ he did so thinking that he had found a man in AAB to be his puppet to enable him to continue to commit his atrocities as a civilian thus evading the indictment that would have gone with him. Needless to say he was disappointed when AAB did not dance to his tune, he then started to condemn AAB in every turn he could find. AAB was chosen by him to succeed him after years as Umno and cabinet colleagues yet he claimed to have made a mistake. Everything the shenanigan did and every project the shenanigan implemented were mistakes just like the many DPM he replaced plus the millions of civil servants he puts in the services.
    Now he is confirming to the world that he is a bloody dictator and also a racist who is trying to teach India how to run a country just the way he did when he was the P.M. of Malaysia.
    Leaving the country with billions of ringgit of debts for the country to pay, if only it can, and doom to be in shamble and go bankrupt. And during the tenure of his premiership did he tell the world how many non Malay professionals immigrated to other countries because of his pro Malay policies ? You have to be Malay before you get to become the head of a government department or chief of the armed forces when the non Malays in the country are 40% strong ? Why are the non Malay populations of Malaysians not reflected in the civil services accordingly by the shenanigan ?

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  3. He was the original game changer,not Najib’s version,anyway we are very much to be blame for letting him get his ways,when he says the Malays have short memories,I am sure the rest of us are in that category too.I too would like to pee on his grave n if possible shit on it too,but really I do wish for him to live a long n miserable life,to be able to see what he dreamed off turns to dust,May Allah gives him what he truly deserved,n for the rest of his cronies,damned them too.

  4. Perhaps Dr. M should have been less democratic in his own back-yard.
    Oops! I make a mistake. He had always been less democratic in his former back-yard. Now that he has no back-yard to call his own, he roams across the sub-continent and tries to enjoy his tenuous Kerala roots.

    He thought that with that, he has the licence to tell India how to run their own country. Who is more experienced in democracy -India or M’sia?

    Why is he trying to pit one country against the other? Where is his etiquette in international relations? Why the tri-pod adulation for China when back home, he has always given the impression to his people that he is rascist, dictatorial, cronyistic and selfish.

    I wonder what the peple and leaders (govt. and opposition) of India and China have to say about this.

    Flocking among birds like Mugabe seems to signal to the world that this nation is spinning into the doldrums of dictatorianism

    Oh! Negara Ku
    Oh! Negara Ku

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