Something missing at KLCC

Ada sang perubah permainan
kami perubah kekuasaan
Inilah tekad generasi baru
akarnya keadilan syahdu
There is a game changer
But we are changers of the powers
This is the young generation’s determination
its root is noble justice

Merindu Ruang (Missing Space)
recited at the KLCC Freedom Walk
2 Dec 2011

Missing Space at KLCC



One thought on “Something missing at KLCC

  1. Well said, eloquent in its simplicity. However, I fret to think the next generation have not entirely realised how dire our situation. To enact the necessary changes, M’sia needs wholesale participation from all concern citizens on “D” day – especially those still wet behind the ears.

    From now till then, narratives should try narrow down the choices to one between right from wrong, good from evil etc.

    My best as always, and special mention to A.Samad Said.

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