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Go shopping! (In yellow, for yellow things)

Thu 2011-Dec-8 @ +08 22:16:57 pm

  • Freedom Walk to become shopping event
  • ‘Human rights’ dropped from title to ease KLCC’s fear
  • Vow to uphold right of friends to meet in public places
  • Organisers won’t respond to KLCC threat of injunction
  • Human Rights Day on Saturday will be a day to Go Shopping In Yellow., as organisers of Freedom Walk events prepare to defy luxury shopping centre KLCC’s threat of an injunction and other legal action.

    Supporters have been urged to turn up in yellow, go shopping for yellow items, and pose for photographs at the Christmas tree. Organisers said they were told by KLCC security last week that no permission was required for anyone to take photographs at the Christmas tree put up at the shopping mall.

    In a sarcastically-worded paragraph, the organisers said they ease KLCC’s fears of the words “Human rights” by removing them, and the word “Flashmob” from the title of the event.

    It would now be known as “Malaysians Can Go Shopping & Pose with Xmas Trees Without Police Permit”

    Saturday’s event would be the third in a series of peaceful gatherings held to protest against the government’s harsh requirements in the Peaceful Assembly Bill which has been approved by the Dewan Rakyat and now awaits Senate approval.

    Last week about 400 people, many wearing yellow, turned up to hear national poet A Samad Said reading his poem Missing Space at KLCC Park. » Something Missing at KLCC

    For the second week running, the protesters were confined to a small area away from the shopping centre when KLCC workers cordoned off the open space outside the mall entrance fronting the park fountains.

    More such “creative public events” would be organised to demonstrate the right of the people to meet or assemble without prior police permission.
    » FULL STATEMENT at Facebook
    » KLCC letter, threat of injunction

    1. Toffee permalink
      Fri 2011-Dec-9 @ +08 00:57:09 am 00:57

      Next week, can have “Eat, drink & be Merry” at KLCC!

    2. Lok1 permalink
      Fri 2011-Dec-9 @ +08 02:32:00 am 02:32

      We could have a Saturday Excercise n Picnic day at the Taman Tasik Perdana,well that’s
      closed enough to the Parliament House,can you imagine families deck in Yellow enjoying their rest day,picnicking n jogging,we don’t need ceramah or slogan’s for our peaceful rest n recreation day,do we? Just a sea of Yellow will do,in fact,on that particular day,just wear
      your favourite Yellow outfit,t-shirts,Shirts,Track Suit/pant,Kaftans or whatever,that should really send a good enough msg to the GOM, wear Yellow anywhere you go.

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