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KLCC takes legal action to stop Freedom Walk

Thu 2011-Dec-8 @ +08 19:11:06 pm

Gathering planned for Saturday, UN human rights day
‘Flashmob’ to view Christmas trees at KLCC Suria

Organisers of the two previous weekend protest gatherings at KLCC Park have been issued a threatening lawyer’s letter from the shopping mall and convention centre owners to stop another protest planned for Saturday to view the Christmas decorations inside Suria KLCC mall.

KLCC said through their lawyers that they would hold the organisers personally liable for any losses or damage suffered by tenants of the shopping centre, and would seek an injunction to stop any protest event from being held there.

Two previous protest gatherings were held at the KLCC Park but were forced to a corner away from the mall’s park entrance when workers cordoned off the area in front of the fountains.

Last week, poet laureate A Samad Said recited a poem Missing Space in front of about 400 people who came for the event; among them were DAP politicians.

KLCC, the luxury shopping mall and convention centre, is owned by companies belonging to tycoon Ananda Krishnan, and built on land formerly occupied by the Selangor Turf Club for its race course. The turf club were persuaded to move the race course outside Kuala Lumpur and surrender the valuable city centre land. Rights to develop the land for commercial use and hotels were awarded to Ananda Krishnan’s companies by the Mahathir Mohamad government.

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  1. TOKZ permalink
    Thu 2011-Dec-8 @ +08 19:27:47 pm 19:27


    Yellow Monkeys are on the loose again ar??? This time some more wanna execute their BARBARIC acts indoor ar??? Like that means who will dare to go to KLCC for X’mas shopping??? All the shops there sure tutup kedai & loose money. How pityful for those business owners in KLCC due to the inconsiderate actions of these YELLOW MONKEYS.

    Other than the Peaceful Assembly Bill of which was passed recently, the Govt. should also pass another Bill called “Anti YELLOW MONKEYS Bill” of which would enable the POLICE & FRU to ‘shoot to kill’ any YELLOW MONKEYS causing problems to the public. No need reason, no need evidence…when they see MONKEY KING a.k.a Wong Chin Huat or his fellow MONYET KUNING on the loose….just TEMBAK kasi MATI aje!!! Malaysia surely will have PEACE!!!

    These YELLOW MONKEYS are sheer PEST causing NUISANCE to Malaysians when X’mas shopping is getting busy.

    • Lok1 permalink
      Fri 2011-Dec-9 @ +08 02:35:54 am 02:35

      Fork you TOKZ,you n idiots like you deserved a ball banging kick up your fowl smelling asshole.

  2. mi55 permalink
    Thu 2011-Dec-8 @ +08 21:29:52 pm 21:29

    Takes a BERUK to call others monkey.

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