Rocky unfairly knocks the Star, not the NST

Writing about what Rocky (Ahiruddin Attan) of Rocky’s Bru gets up to isn’t exactly a lot of fun: it may provoke a rising tide of bile among readers. Lately, however, Rocky and his cohort have been waging a running dogfight with Air Asia and Tony Fernandes and the impending dismemberment of MAS.

That’s another event to provoke more bile, but we don’t have a dog in that fight, so shall skim lightly over to another aspect — Rocky taking a swipe at The Star for an Air Asia advert and completely forgetting to mention that the said advert was in the Not Straits Times.

No such ad, a Star editor said. It was in the NST, someone from Balai Berita said.

That’s not what Rocky said. He blasted the Star for not toeing the government line, for campaigning against the government, for supporting a move to deprive the government of revenue and blah, blah, blah.

He also called it a government-linked newspaper. Readers of this blog have many terms to describe the Star (and the NST) but “government-linked newspaper” isn’t one of them.

He’s entitled to his views, of course. But shouldn’t he be lambasting the government-linked Not Straits Times for carrying the offending Air Asia advert?

Perhaps he just wanted to divert attention and let the Star take the rap for anti-national sentiments, and not the NST, where he has good friends like Nuraina Samad (who often gets a mention at Rocky’s Bru) and Azmi Anshar (the best writer and columnist at the NST, in Rocky’s estimation).

Whatever his motives were (we didn’t get to pose the question directly), two journalists said the advert on the day was carried in the NST and not the Star, and we have no reason to doubt them on a matter of fact.

But it does raise the question of where facts lie in Rocky’s Bru.

By the way, has anyone seen any WikiLeak cable referring to rumours about Rais Yatim? So far none has been spotted among the 994 cables that have been released and published at WikiLeaks.

Yet Rocky said so in his column last year. He proclaimed it as fact in his headline.

How Rocky Raped WikiLeaks To Screw Rais

Then he went on to say: “I have not been able to lay my hands on a said Wikileaks series of diplomatic whisper in 2007”.

Neither has anyone else so far, it seems, even though WikiLeaks has released all the cables in its stash. Otherwise someone like RPK would have published it by now.

Either there was such a cable (his headline said so) or there wasn’t (and he didn’t seem too sure, either).

Some “facts” seem to be rather elastic at Rocky’s Bru.


11 thoughts on “Rocky unfairly knocks the Star, not the NST

  1. perhaps you are right. no!!! you are absolutely right. i have read some of those posting and there are always these tinkling sensations in me that it is more a personal vendetta than a civilsed professional information gathering.

    one thing for sure, it seems factual at the manner it is all presented but one must do a bit of sleuthing and checking before we can even go all out to hammer in everything that we are tilted in origin and nature to do.

    most instances, and a great many of them, and i do observed, are hearsays with links he dare not elaborate but merely provided the platform as the innocent messenger based on other postings.

  2. You forgot to mention the best Rocky can do is to write articles like what you just mentioned, now you know why he is Malay Mail under his leadership has gone to and now he is jobless ! In order to survive he has to kiss the ass hole of the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir. You are not allowed to call the shenanigan names that he dislike. This is his style of ‘journalism’ he has never ever learned that a journalist is supposed to do his job without fear or favor, can a dog do anything else aside from barking ? That is Rocky.

  3. Rocky is among a rapidly decreasing group who are put themselves on a pedestal simply for being able to express their lopsided views in English. He cannot hold a candle to the likes of blogger Sakmongkol whose wit and intellect and ability to shoot from the hip is appreciated by all Malaysians.

  4. Rocky and a “rising tide of bile”? You are WRONG, Sir!

    It is not bile, but a tsunami of puke!

    I used to think that Rocky was one of the good guys, a man who would fight for what is right. And he did, so a while. Past tense.

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