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Human rights at KLCC: no money no talk

Sat 2011-Dec-10 @ +08 21:45:21 pm

Yellow Mob goes shopping for human rights

Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, a human rights lawyer, spent RM55 on the book You Cannot be Neutral on a Moving Train at the peaceful protest inside KLCC Suria shopping centre yesterday.

Watchful eyes among the Saturday shoppers in the upstairs galleries while the Yellow Mob sang songs and distributed yellow cupcakes at the Christmas tree in the concourse. Photos: MalaysiaKini

» Mob defies injunction threat
» Najib, Rosmah at Convention Centre event next door

KLCC sees a yellow peril

On Thursday, KLCC management threatened to obtain an injunction to stop another Yellow Mob event, after two previous peaceful gatherings at KLCC Park. KLCC said they would hold the organisers personally liable for any losses or damage suffered by tenants of the shopping centre, and alleged that the past two gatherings had “eroded and impeded the regular shoppers and visitors and members of the public to the premises” and had disrupted business operations at the shopping centre.

Last week, national laureate A Samad Said recited his poem Missing Space to about 400 peaceful protestors after KLCC workers cordoned off the water fountain area fronting the Suria shopping centre. The previous week, protestors were showered with water after workers turned on the sprinklers.

» Full text of lawyer’s letter.
Activists later said the law firm of Zul Rafique is owned by the brother of former federal territory minister Zulhasnan Rafique, the MP for Setiawangsa, and a member of the Umno Supreme Council. He was dropped from the Cabinet in 2009.

Yesterday, one of the organisers charitably said KLCC might have been pressured into making its legal threats, because the de facto prime minister and her husband Najib Tun Razak were at an official event at the KL Convention Centre next door. » MalaysiaKini

The protest gatherings, with people turning up dressed in yellow, are being held against the government’s repressive Peaceful Assembly Bill now before the Senate.

» See why it’s a Peaceful Assembly (Profit for Shopkeepers) Bill
» Full text of the obnoxious Bill


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