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On headline writing – by computer geeks

Sun 2011-Dec-11 @ +08 11:18:50 am

At the forum, where computer geeks gather:

Malaysia Mulls Compulsory Registration of Tech Workers

“Mulls” is an awkward verb that only gained a foothold because newspaper headline writers had to meet a size limit. On Slashdot, which has a huge amount of space for headline title, it should never be used – instead replaced with words like “Considers”.
by cshay (79326) on Friday December 09, @07:52PM (#38321590)

Maybe your screen is wide, but what about phones consuming the RSS feed?
Besides, people only read the first 11 characters [], so short is sweet []. Now, mulls may not be the best word in this particular situation, but to rule it out in all situations is silly.
by greenreaper (205818) on Friday December 09, @07:58PM (#38321654)

“Mull” is more subtle than consider and has a secondary meaning implying “to screw up” or “to fail”. And, since it’s alliterative with Malaysia, it’s a very appropriate use for this story’s headline.
by haruchai (17472) on Friday December 09, @08:01PM (#38321680)

Or they liked the alliteration.
Although “Malaysia Mulls Mandatory Registration” would’ve been better.
by gman003 (1693318) on Friday December 09, @08:15PM (#38321778)

Thank you. It actually occurred to me, but by then i had already hit submit.
by Viceice (462967) on Friday December 09, @09:56PM (#38322374)


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