Govt back-tracks on IT bill, puts industry on the line

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It’s about moving up in ITU ranking says deputy minister

The federal government appears to have backed off from the controversial Computer Professionals Bill after a day of open hostility by computer geeks and IT industry professionals at the science ministry’s open day — but put the ball squarely at the feet of the industry to find other ways to raise country’s international standings.

The heart of the government’s concern seems to be the country’s ranking in the International Telecommunications Union’s ICT Development Index, on which Malaysia fell from 50th place to 56th between 2002 and 2008.

Science ministry under-secretary, Amirudin Abdul Wahab said the ICT policy division would have “no problems” if industry had a better alternative to reverse Malaysia’s slide in the rankings, and Datuk Halimah Badioze Zaman, involved in drafting the Bill, said: “This is the fastest vehicle for us to get there. If not, what would be another vehicle to bring us forward?”

The fight (against the Bill) is still a long one. We didn’t get many answers today, just parties pushing the blame around.
IT professional based in KL.

Datuk Halimah, of the national professors council, is a member of the working committee drafting the Bill. The committee comprises about a dozen academicians together with representatives of computer retailers and the computing confederation, which has attempted to set itself up as a professional body.

The deputy science minister, Datuk Fadillah Yusof, was quoted by Malaysian Insider as saying it was up to the IT sector to find ways to “uplift the IT profession” and that there was no decision on whether to table the Bill, now in its 17th revision.

“We can use any other mechanism. That is why we have this open day. It is up to the profession to decide how to protect themselves.” Malaysian Insider did not say what he meant by “protect themselves”.
» Malaysian Insider

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